D is the fourth letter in the Alphablocks gang. He is B's older brother and plays the drums.

D is voiced by David Holt.


D is dark blue and his star is a darker blue. He wears sunglasses.


D is a purple cube with a light green star on his left eye. His eyebrows nearly always look angry every time he appears.


  • “Don't despair
  • Dynamite, sister."


  • He is the only Alphablock who has a known voice actor/actress with a name that starts with the same letter (David Holt)
  • D's letter means:
    • 500 in Roman Numerals.
    • 13 in Hexadecimal.
  • Like his sister B, he is 1 out of 2 characters with a star on an eye. His star is located on its left eye.
    • It makes sense because “b” and “d” are mirror images.


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