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Crossover is the tenth special episode of Learningblocks. It is the 126th episode overall in Numberblocks, and the 97th episode in Alphablocks.


Tentacled troublemaker Octonaughty is back! Can Octoblock and The Exciting X save the day?


The episode starts with the narrator introducing viewers to the episode, and the problem of it: It's a fine day in Numberland, and Alphaland; K is kicking his ball, and Eleven is playing soccer with Twenty-Four. All of a sudden, the two swap places, much to their confusion. In Numberland, Eight notices an Alphablock and knows that the only way it's possible is with the Magic Home Mirror. Though fruitless in his search, he does get reports of more Numberblocks being swapped out with Alphablocks suddenly. He suspects that Octonaughty is behind this.

True to his suspicions, Octonaughty is in Alphaland, messing around with the Magic Home Mirror. With a press of his remote, he sucks in T to the Magic Home Mirror and replaces him with Twenty, causing the remaining Alphablocks to rip their ship in half. X saves them before they can sink, and interrogates Twenty about how he got here. Octonaughty then reveals himself to X, as he attempts to stop him.

Back in Numberland, Eight meets up with T, next to the Rays Track. Twenty-Four stops by, asking if someone wants to compete with her, and just at the moment, she is swapped with X. After some confusion, the two wonder why Numberblocks are being swapped with specific Alphablocks. They head to the Octo-Cave to try and crack the riddle. At first, the riddle is too complex, but after X encourages Octoblock to keep up his work, he soon realizes something- A-B-C, 1-2-3; C is the third letter of the alphabet. They then figure out that depending on their position in the alphabet, that's what Numberblock is being swapped. With the riddle cracked, Octonaughty taunts them, saying that they're never going to catch him since he won't bring them here.

The two of them come up with a Plan B: send in Twenty-Seven. Unfortunately, they figure out there is no twenty-seventh letter. As such, they have to signal to A and Z to head for Octonaughty, using the riddle in mind. Twenty wakes the two up, and both of them head for Octonaughty, who is hiding in a warehouse. Both of them fumble up their attempts to stop them, however; laughing off their attempts, Octonaughty quickly swaps them out. Much to his horror, he realizes he swapped them out with Twenty-Six and One, who add up to Twenty-Seven. Desperate to prevent being defeated, Octonaughty tries to send Twenty-Seven back to Numberland, but instead breaks his remote and loses control over the mirror. He is forced to retreat through the Magic Home Mirror, as X returns to his home.

The narrator closes out by telling the viewers that Octonaughty's whereabouts are unknown... until it turns out the narrator is Octonaughty.

Characters (confirmed)


  • Trip
  • Rip


  • This is the only episode to utilize letters and numbers together (in the form of codes). For your reference:
  • This is another one of the Alphablocks episodes where only two words are spelled.
  • This is Octonaughty's fourth appearance, after Octoblock to the Rescue!, Ten's Top Ten, and Now in 3D.
    • If counting the times he physically appears or play an important role in the episode, this is the only time where Octonaughty does not say "Uh oh" when being defeated nor he is defeated.
  • B, D, E, F, G, H, J, L, M, N, O, Q, S, U V, W, Y, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22, 23, and 25 are absent in this episode
  • The Three Threes' mustaches are now the same.
    • This is probably because of models being remade, as similar situations occurred with Twenty-Two's appearances after Series 4 and the Four Fours' appearance in Four on the Floor.
  • The Alphablocks and Numberblocks that didn’t appear in this episode appear as cameos on the Octo-Computer.
  • This is the first special to not feature Two physically. The closest we get to see of him in the episode is of the Terrible Twos making a cameo appearance on a photo.
    • The photos also confirm that the 8 Ones and the 2 Fours that Octonaughty can split into are also terrible.
  • This episode also does not feature 10 physically, as well. Her face was seen on the Octo-Computer with the other Numberblock faces.
  • When Octoblock was telling X who 27 is, some scenes from Now in 3D appeared on the Octo-Computer.
  • The RadioTimes description of this episode says "Learn about the alphabet, adding, codes and cubes with the Alphablocks and Numberblocks."
  • This episode marks the first instance of a Numberblock greater than 20 with multiple non-zero place values being used as an addend in formal addition magic. This is also the only episode where a number is greater than 26 appears.
  • When 26 said his name when adding up with 1 to make 27, he doesn't split into two Thirteens.
    • This is probably because if 26 is used in an equation like 26+1=27, he won't split into double 13.
  • This episode uses the A1Z26 cipher.
  • For some reason, only T and X are sucked into the Magic Home Mirror, and only Twenty and X come out from it, while the others simply swap places. This could be because of simple reasons of not showing the Learningblocks be sucked into the Magic Home Mirror, but A & Z could've been sucked through two.
  • A reference to Batman is made, where Octoblock's headquarters is called the Octo-Cave. "To the Octo-Cave!" is also a reference to the line "To the Bat Cave!"



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