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"Did I mention I was big?"One Hundred
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"Wait, I know what this gallery needs: your art!"Seventeen
This gallery is dedicated to fanart of Numberblocks. None of the pictures are official unless otherwise noted.

This is a list of minor Numberblocks who never appeared in their figured-out forms, and some of their fanmade designs. For fanmade galleries for numbers above 105, go to Fanmade Galleries for other Numberblocks.

Thirty-Three is a Numberblock made of 33 blocks.

Fanmade Designs

NumberblockFan8282's Thirty-Three loves football, she splits into Three elevens for multiplayer. They are colored red orange and yellow

JingzheChina's Thirty-Three is good at football games as well as Peg Solitaire game. She can split into three Elevens, with colors red, orange and yellow respectively, and play football game on a triangular field. She also loves to play the Peg Solitaire game, and her default arrangement is related to the board of Peg Solitaire. At night, she can split into Fifteen and Eighteen for secret action.

Dayton2949's Thirty-Three is eleven Threes, or three Elevens. He is a high school-esque student who introduces fractions—a numerical quantity that is not a whole number, since he is one third of One Hundred. He also really likes pies as pies are related to fractions, and he's also the humorous announcer for Eleven's (foot)ball matches.

ThatGuy30722's Thirty-Three is a mascot performer who loves to clown around at football games. She wears a different mascot costume every shot, but most of the time, she isn’t wearing any costume.

Fernandez7090's Thirty-Three is a mascot performer, as she is triple Eleven.

Dodeca D.'s Thirty-Three isn't related to football. Instead, he's a ringmaster who is Thirty's assistant that at times brings out acts, such as Thirty and Three, three Elevens, eleven Threes, or random bonds to 33. He is triple Eleven.

Ridetherays's 33 is a referee and his main arrangement is 3x11. He has a whistle, a hat, and yellow and red cards in a green pocket. When he splits into three Elevens, one is red, one is blue, and one is green.

Liam3667's 2nd Thirty-Three is 2 football teams and 11 cheerleaders. She is a great football juggler and her voice sounds like Twenty-Four but with a twist of Three's voice.


Thirty-Four is a Numberblock made of 34 blocks.

Fanmade Designs

Dayton2949's Thirty-Four is a botanist who loves to find interesting things in nature, hence why she is a number that's part of the Fibonacci sequence. She is double Seventeen, and she really seems to like magic squares.

ThatGuy30722's Thirty-Four is a curator and tour guide at the Gallery. He is double Seventeen. One of his proudest displays is a 4x4 magic square.

TSRITW's 1st design of Thirty-Four is very protective. Say even a minor swear and he will stop you.

TSRITW's 2nd design of Thirty-Four makes sculptures of animals and paints pictures of squares, and is very protective about his art. He's also the founding member of the Bunny Club.

Dodeca D.'s Thirty-Four is great at gardening. She loves finding interesting things in nature and collects them in her garden. She is double Seventeen and is also fond of magic squares. After Eighty-Nine introduces her to Fibonacci, she permanently gains a Fibonacci club badge.

CloudyWithAChanceOfRainbows's Thirty-Four likes art, especially when they implement the golden ratio and golden spiral (because fibonacci, duh). He also likes graph puzzles, for some reason.

DeltaMakesArt's 34 likes oil pastels, because 17 likes painting and art in general.


Thirty-Seven is a Numberblock made of 37 blocks.

Fanmade Designs

Dayton2949's Thirty-Seven is a centered hexagonal number, meaning she can make the shape in the image. She likes hexagons as a whole, despite herself being a prime number, and is also known to be quite mysterious sometimes. She's also a skilled nurse.

ThatGuy30722's Thirty-Seven is a centered hexagonal number, meaning she can make the shape in the image. She also works as a nurse who makes Numberblocks feel better when they're sick, by checking that their temperature is 37°C.

Fernandez7090's Thirty-Seven is a nurse, as she is the average body temperature. She and Seventy-Three are said to have a secret relationship between each other.

TSRITW's design of Thirty-Seven is a nurse, for reasons similar to ThatGuy30722's.

DanvilleGeorge's design of Thirty-Seven has a sweet tooth. She loves to eat honey.

CloudyWithAChanceOfRainbows's Thirty-Seven is a nurse, like many other 37s. She has opened a health corner, as 37 is a centered hexagon.

Connorclarke107’s Thirty-Seven is a sailboat! She is the leader of the Boat Club


Thirty-Eight is a Numberblock made of 38 blocks.

Fanmade Designs

Dayton2949's Thirty-Eight is double Nineteen. He learns about making more advanced crazy shapes than Nineteen, as he is Nineteen's assistant. He is also the leader of marching along with the Numberblobs, as he follows his team of fellow Numberblobs wherever he goes. He also introduces the concept of semiprimes, which is the product of two primes, as he is 2x19, and he also sports a marching flag (Not shown).

ThatGuy30722's Thirty-Eight is double Nineteen, and he introduces the concept of semiprimes—the product of two primes, in his case, Two and Nineteen.

TSRITW's 1st design of Thirty-Eight has eyebrows that are shaped like the number 38. He is not a square or a prime himself, but is the sum of the squares of the first three primes.

TSRITW's 2nd design of Thirty-Eight likes all kinds of shapes, such as squares and hexagons.

CloudyWithAChanceOfRainbows's Thirty-Eight is a photographer who likes symmetrical crazy shapes. He has a collection of them displayed at the art gallery. Sometimes he takes weird pictures of Numberblocks, which might annoy them.

Fernandez7090's Thirty-Eight is a fit trainer who loves yoga and her yoga poses are crazy shapes! Being more advanced than her sister's.


Thirty-Nine is a Numberblock made of 39 blocks.

Fanmade Designs

CloudyWithAChanceOfRainbows's Thirty-Nine is an inventor who never loses confidence in her crazy inventions, even though they usually malfunction and/or explode in her face when somoeone says her name. Although, there was that one time her invention worked properly, but only the other multiples of 13 know about that...

Dodeca D.'s Thirty-Nine is unlucky triple Thirteen, which he splits into when he trips, gets hit or other bad things happen. He's a chef who often cooks bad food, as 13 can be sometimes referred as a baker's dozen. His face is on the bottom, but his blocks of tens are on top of his square face, which he feels that is “very unlucky”.

Dayton2949's Thirty-Nine is Twenty-Six's co-worker, meaning she can be great at finding hidden numbers just like him. She is triple Thirteen, and she has an interest in operating and programming with computers. She also likes Internet slang and chats, as she is the number for the Japanese chat slang for "thank you" when written in numbers—which means that 3 is san, and 9 is kyu!

Fernandez7090's Thirty-Nine is a cane dancer as he is triple Thirteen.

ThatGuy30722's Thirty-Nine is a slapstick stand comedian who tells jokes themed around math. She is triple Thirteen.


Forty-One is a Numberblock made of 41 blocks.

Fanmade Designs

JingzheChina's Forty-One is a rhombus lover, although she is prime. She loves to arrange in a rhombus shape, and loves everything in this shape. She founded the rhombus club with One, Five, Thirteen, Twenty-Five, Sixty-One and Eighty-Five. Her best friend is Sixty-One.

Fernandez7090's Forty-One is Forty-Three's sister. She and Forty-Three figured themselves out after realizing they were both one-off of a super-duper rectangle. She introduces twin primes.

ThatGuy30722's Forty-One is a twin prime. She and her twin brother, Forty-Three, are always thinking the same thing.

TSRITW's 1st design of Forty-One doesn't hate rectangles, he's just not fond of them. He does, however, like prime rib roast.

TSRITW's 2nd design of Forty-One still likes prime rib roasts, and is a sum of primes. He can also be a centered square.

Dodeca D.'s Forty-One is a centered square, known here as a Specialised CS, a relative to the Squares. She is made up of 16+25, two consecutive squares, as seen by her attachment below. She’s also brothers with Sixty-One who is also another Specialised CS. Despite not being true squares, she and the other specialised CS’s can sneeze, but instead of sneezing out blocks, they end up shifting into a random wonky arrangement!

Dayton2949's Forty-One is a centered square, meaning that if you color her blocks like a checkerboard and turn her 45°, you can see that she is 16+25, two consecutive squares. Despite not being a true square, she and the other centered squares can sneeze, but instead of sneezing out blocks, they end up shifting into a random crazy arrangement!

CloudyWithAChanceOfRainbows's Forty-One is always trying to get some new members in prime club, using the Sieve of Eratosthenes. She always keeps six Prime Club badges on her to give out to new members, and when there's trouble, she can split into the prime patrol: 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, and 13!

DeltaMakesArt's Forty-One hates rectangles. They use their wand to zap rectangles and turn them into primes by removing their array displays. They don't actually know what a centered square is, despite being a centered square themselves, and are reluctant to rearrange into one after being told they're a centered square because "squares have factors and they don't want any factors around here".


Forty-Three is a Numberblock made of 43 blocks.

Fanmade Designs

ThatGuy30722's Forty-Three is a twin prime. He and his twin sister, Forty-One, are always thinking the same thing.

Fernandez7090's Forty-Three is Forty-One's sister. He and Forty-One figured themselves out after realizing they were both one-off of a super-duper rectangle. He also owns a fast food restaurant since he is a Nugget Number.


Forty-Four is a Numberblock made of 44 blocks.

Fanmade Designs

ThatGuy30722's Forty-Four loves tournaments. He can be four Elevens, two to compete with each other, and whoever wins each match competes in the finals!

Fernandez7090's Forty-Four loves tournaments. He can split into four football teams, two of them competing with the other two teams.


Forty-Six is a Numberblock made of 46 blocks.

Fanmade Designs

ThatGuy30722's Forty-Six is a number biologist. She likes experimenting with numbers--especially prime numbers.

TSRITW's design of Forty-Six is a mountain climber who is climbed the "46 peaks". He is also interested in double helices.

Fernandez7090's Forty-Six is a number biologist who loves experimenting with Numberblocks and study their properties.


Forty-Seven is a Numberblock made of 47 blocks.

Fanmade Designs

ThatGuy30722's Forty-Seven is really good with alien technology, and he often helps Fifty-Five out with his interplanetary travel. He is a prime number, and he acts like if a sci-fi space copilot was somehow stuck in Numberland.

Dodeca D.'s Forty-Seven prefers to be a wall flower and go unnoticed, which interferes with the Numberblocks’ friendships with her. She tends to try to hide her face whenever she blushes or feels uncomfortable. Clearly, she is shy, but once you break through her thick outer shell, she's very nice and a worthy character. Also, she has a fascination with anything that's made of silver, as she's the atomic number of silver. And she’s one less than mega rectangle Forty-Eight, can arrange into a chippy square (Which is two less than a square number) and is also a Leapfrog/Lucas Number.

JingzheChina's Forty-Seven is a cute girl who loves pink and her pet phrase is "Pinky-pinky". She might be figured out in the Five Fingers Club founded by Five, and she corresponds to the pinky finger of a hand. The other members of the club are Two, Five, Eleven, Twenty-Three, respectively.

Dayton2949's Forty-Seven is prime, and she loves to play her harp all day, as she is the number of strings on an average concert harp. She wears a silver headband to show that she is the atomic number for silver. She also HATES it when other numbers get easily annoyed and tell her to stop playing her harp, no matter how well she plays it. She also is fond of sci-fi.

Fernandez7090's Forty-Seven loves playing the harp since she is the number of strings of that instrument. She also loves sci-fi.


Forty-Eight is a Numberblock made of 48 blocks.

Fanmade Designs

ThatGuy30722's Forty-Eight has 10 factors, making him even more powerful than a super-duper rectangle—he is a mega rectangle! He acts somewhat aggressive, tough, and cocky, and loves to race on the Rays Track.

TSRITW's 1st design of Forty-Eight is very rich, because 48 in Chinese numerology means "determined to prosper". He's also fond of cubes because they have 48 symmetries.

TSRITW's 2nd design of Forty-Eight is a "multiplication master", and knows all the factorization terminology. He knows a secret to finding the number of rectangles a Numberblock can make, but that requires knowledge of a certain operation that they don't know yet...

CloudyWithAChanceOfRainbows's Forty-Eight is a super-duper-hyper rectangle with 10 factors. He tries to be tough, but is actually quite nerdy, especially when it comes to superhero comics. His catchphrase is "soupity-doopity-loopity".

Fernandez7090's Forty-Eight is not only a super-duper rectangle, but a super-duper-hyper rectangle! Having more factors than Twenty-Four, he is even a one-off of a square!

DeltaMakesArt's Forty-Eight is also a hyper rectangle, like other Forty-Eights. He's 41's arch-nemesis. (or arch-hero? 41 is the bad one)

DeltaMakesArt's 2nd Forty-Eight likes regular polyhedra. He also likes rectangles. But he likes polyhedra more.

Fanmade Designs

Fifty-One is a Numberblock made of 51 blocks.

Fanmade Designs

DanvilleGeorge's Fifty-One is triple Seventeen. She loves to paint using the primary colors because there are three of them; red, yellow, and blue.

TSRITW's Fifty-One practices the art of machinery. He makes remote-controlled aircrafts, specifically drones. He's so talented you could mistake one of his creations for a UFO.

ThatGuy30722's Fifty-One is a clown makeup artist since she is 17x3. She also has this weird obsession with aliens…and pentagons?

Dodeca D.'s Fifty-One is really good with alien technology, and he often helps Fifty-Five out with his interplanetary travel. He is triple Seventeen, and he acts like if a sci-fi space copilot was somehow stuck in Numberland.

Fernandez7090's Fifty-One is really good with alien technology, and he often helps Fifty-Five out with his interplanetary travel. He acts like if a sci-fi space copilot was somehow stuck in Numberland.

StarrySerenity4750's Fifty-One is an astronaut who loves aliens, planets, stars, rockets and exploring in outer space, he is also good at making art too since he is a multiple of 17!


Fifty-Two is a Numberblock made of 52 blocks.

Fanmade Designs

DanvilleGeorge’s design for Fifty-Two loves to use cards because there are 52 playing cards in a deck. She occasionally plays card games with her brother Fifty Four.

TSRITW's Fifty-Two is a card dealer. He likes playing card games of all kinds.

ThatGuy30722's Fifty-Two loves card games! She has a deck of 52 cards. She’s also quadruple Thirteen, and the number of weeks in a year.

Fernandez7090's Fifty-Two is a magician because he is the number of cards inside a deck. His magic tricks often goes wrong or ends up in disaster and is also awful at doing tricks involving cards.

Dodeca D.'s Fifty-Two is a huge fan of card games, usually being a dealer and handing out sets of cards to other Numberblocks. She’s also the number of weeks in a year and is quadruple Thirteen, meaning that she’s double Twenty-Six, making her an agent-like figure.


Fifty-Three is a Numberblock made of 53 blocks.

Fanmade Designs

DanvilleGeorge's design for Fifty-Three loves to drink iced tea. He also resembles a juice box, his 5 ten blocks resemble the container while his 3 unit blocks resemble the straw.

TSRITW's design of Fifty-Three is an astronaut who thought of 53 more things to do in zero gravity. She's also interested in bears, for some reason.

ThatGuy30722's Fifty-Three introduces number bases—the idea of a different number other than Ten getting the “one big 10-block” privilege. For example if the number we call 16 got this privilege (this is known as base 16, or hexadecimal), then 53 would become 35—he’s three sixteens and five (as seen by his shape)!.

Dodeca D.'s Fifty-Three is a very curious prime number. What she is mainly curious about is about imagining if other Numberblocks had the “Big Ten Block” aspect. She introduces bases, in this case, she’s sixteen blocks high with five blocks left over. If each group of the sixteen blocks were instead interpreted into base-16, she would become 35 - three Sixteens and five Ones, which we would call it Thirxen-Five!

Fernandez7090's Fifty-Three introduces bases: The concept of another number taking Ten's role. In this case, if Sixteen takes Ten's role, then he becomes 53. The same digits but reversed.

TBA's Fifty-Three is a professional wrestler as she is based on Charlotte Flair


Fifty-Four is a Numberblock made of 54 blocks.

Fanmade Designs

DanvilleGeorge's Fifty-Four is double Twenty-Seven. He loves cuboids because he can be a 3x6x3 cuboid.

TSRITW's Fifty-Four likes cuboids, and can become one herself. Her emblem on her blocks that can be removed and transformed into floating bridges and back.

ThatGuy30722's Fifty-Four is a super-duper rectangle that is 6x9. She is a wise old owl-esque figure. She’s also the surface area of Twenty-Seven’s cube “with a Nine on each face”, and this is how she would be introduced in her debut in the six times table episode.

CloudyWithAChanceOfRainbows's Fifty-Four is a super duper rectangle who likes folding and unfolding 3D shapes. Her "squares" can be removed and rearranged, but if the arrangement isn't a legit unfolding of a cube, she becomes an evil version of herself that wants to turn everything flat (like flatam from odd squad).

Dodeca D.'s Fifty-Four is not a cube but rather a cuboid. She takes 3 dimensions to a whole new level that she demonstrates that Numberblocks can be arranged in 3D shapes, like Eighteen being arranged as a rectangular prism.

Fernandez7090's Fifty-Four loves cuboids because he is double Twenty-Seven and wishes to be a superhero like her.

XhanLu's Fifty-Four is usually a super rectangle, but when help is needed he can split into 2 super cubes, and save the day! He is also the founder of cuboid club.


Fifty-Six is a Numberblock made of 56 blocks.

Fanmade Designs

Fernandez7090's Fifty-Six takes Step Squads to a whole new dimension: the Super Step Squads! A squad made of squads! He is a superheroe like Octoblock and Twenty-Seven.

ThatGuy30722's Fifty-Six uses the power of luck to save the day, by splitting into his teams of eight Sevens or seven Eights. He’s also a super-duper rectangle. Despite these super abilities, he actually acts rather modest and friendly, maybe even a bit shy.

TSRITW's 1st design of Fifty-Six is based on Typhon, as the regular pentacontakaihexagon is associated with it. He also has a really menacing aura.

TSRITW's 2nd design of Fifty-Six calls himself a "rainbow octopus". What some of the other Numberblocks didn't know is that four of his limbs are fake.

CloudyWithAChanceOfRainbows's Fifty-Six sells ice creams in 56 flavors. Her ice cream cones are shaped like tetrahedrons, and she introduces the concept of tetrahedronal numbers.


Fifty-Seven is a Numberblock made of 57 blocks.

Fanmade Designs

DanvilleGeorge's design for Fifty-Seven is triple Nineteen. She's usually calm and relaxed, but there are some occasions where she acts like a crazier version of Three. She's also a picky eater and only eats these 57 foods.

ThatGuy30722's Fifty-Seven loves crosses! He can make a very large, thin cross because he is One more than a multiple of Four. He can also make a smaller, thicker cross (as shown in the picture) because he is Nine more than a multiple of Twelve. He is also triple Nineteen, and dislikes being mistaken for a prime and loves ketchup.

Dodeca D.'s Fifty-Seven is triple Nineteen, but loves a particular shape more that most crazy shape - crosses! He can be a really big, thin cross, or a smaller, chunkier cross. He’s a semi prime, which means that he can only make four rectangles.

Fernandez7090's Fifty-Seven loves crosses as she is not just one more than a multiple of four but also nine more than a super-duper-hyper rectangle!

TSRITW's design of Fifty-Seven is a chef who specializes in sauce, and he can go crazy with his recipes. His eyes are in the shape of icosagons because 57 is an icosagonal number.


Fifty-Eight is a Numberblock made of 58 blocks.

Fanmade Designs

DanvilleGeorge's Fifty-Eight is double Twenty Nine. He wears glasses like Two does, but his glasses are made of copper; that's because he's copper's atomic number times two. He's also fascinated by numbers that are two times a square as he is 2 x (2^2 + 3^2 + 4^2) or 8 + 18 + 32.

ThatGuy30722's Fifty-Eight is double Twenty-Nine. He is a bouncer/security guard, making sure no one gets in a club treehouse unless they’re in the club.

Dodeca D.'s Fifty-Eight is double Twenty-Nine, so he is also a fan of clubs. He likes thinking of more advanced clubs than just squares and steps. Lots of crazy clubs like Tower with Windows, Square Stackers, Tetra Squads, other digit-enders and even the Superstar Fifties! He also acts as a guard to the clubhouses, making sure that no one gets in unless they’re part of the club.

Fernandez7090's Fifty-Eight is a bouncer who guards clubs to make sure no one gets in the wrong club. The clubs he is part of are: Even Tops, Semiprime Club, the Superstar Fifties, the Eight-Enders and everyone's favorite: Made Of Ones! He also thinks he is the luckiest number (obviously not).

TSRITW's 1st design of Fifty-Eight is quite confused. ("Otte­og­halvtreds".) He also thinks he's the luckiest number ever (he's not).

TSRITW's 2nd design of Fifty-Eight is good with clubs, but not much else. He also thinks he's the luckiest number ever (he's not).


Fifty-Nine is a Numberblock made of 59 blocks.

Fan Made Designs

DanvilleGeorge's design for Fifty Nine is a prime who's one less than Sixty. He's always sleepy and he has an alarm clock glued to his body. The number 59 is the last minute before a new hour, as well as the last second before a new minute.

ThatGuy30722's Fifty-Nine is forgetful and procrastinates, putting everything off to the last minute, sometimes even the last second. She is especially always late to Prime Club meetings, which seriously irritates her fellow primes. She is also one less than an ultra rectangle.

Fernandez7090's Fifty-Nine often falls asleep (even during daytime) as he is the last second before a minute and the last minute before a hour. Due to his peculiar behavior, almost no other Numberblock knows how did he figured himself out.

TSRITW's design of Fifty-Nine is a prized mathematics student who uses a programmable calculator. However, he's awful at time management, procrastinates often, and plans and does things to the last second.


Sixty-One is a Numberblock made of 61 blocks.

Fan made designs

JingzheChina's Sixty-One is very talented, since he can make lots of highly symmetric shapes, like rhombus, house shape, and round shape. He is also the number of codons in nucleic acids which are not termination, and the total number of elementary particles. His best friend is Forty-One in the rhombus club. He always protects and even has a crush on her. When he is in round shape, Four is afraid of him.

DanvilleGeorge's design for Sixty-One is a prime who's one more than Sixty. He's a centered square because he's (4 x 15) + 1 or 5^2 + 6^2. He always brings a box of tissues with him because he has a tickly nose and sneezes from time to time.

ThatGuy30722's Sixty-One is a centered square. If you color her blocks like a checkerboard and turn her 45°, you can see that she is 36+25, two consecutive squares.

Fernandez7090's Sixty-One invented her own type of square: the Centered Square! A shape that consists of four step squads arranged into a square with a extra block in the middle.

TSRITW's design of Sixty-One has a flame, because 61 is the atomic number for promethium. She can also be a centered square.


Sixty-Two is a Numberblock made of 62 blocks.


ThatGuy30722's Sixty-Two loves polyhedra—3D shapes made of faces, edges, and vertices. His favorites are the dodecahedron, the icosahedron, rhombicosidodecahedron and the truncated icosidodecahedron.

Dodeca D.'s Sixty-Two is a huge fan of polyhedra - three dimensional shapes made of faces, edges and vertices. Some of his favourites include the dodecahedron, the icosahedron, and more.

TSRITW's design of Sixty-Two may seem like a normal block at first, but secretly, she likes dodecahedrons and icosahedrons, because 62 is the sum of the number of faces, edges, and vertices of those two Platonic solids. She also likes summer and winter.

Fernandez0907's Sixty-Two loves polyhedra: the 3D equivalent of polygons. His most favorites are the dodecahedron and icosahedron.


Sixty-Three is a Numberblock made of 63 blocks.

Fanmade Designs

ThatGuy30722's Sixty-Three is one off of 8x8, and she’s 7x9, one less than 8 times one more than 8. She demonstrates that this is true for every number that’s one off from a square. She’s also a super rectangle, and the second one to be odd (the first being 45).

Dodeca D.'s Sixty-Three is one less than square Sixty-Four - but don’t worry, he is nine lots of Seven, or triple Twenty-One. He shows that numbers that are one less than a power of Two can be special, especially with primes (Although this isn't shown fully until 127 comes).

TSRITW's 1st design of Sixty-Three is not only 7 less than 70, but also one less than 64. He sometimes plays multiplayer with Sixty-Four, but only beats him in the luck-based games.

TSRITW's 2nd design of Sixty-Three is not only one less than 64, but also the sum of the first six doublers (1+2+4+8+16+32).

CloudyWithAChanceOfRainbows's 63 is a video gamer, and is colleagues with 64, helping her with her inventions. He can split into a big team of doublers, or 9 little teams of doublers.

Fernandez7090's Sixty-Three is one less than a square but he is actually a super rectangle! That is because he is 9x7, one more than 8 times one less than 8. He loves finding numbers that are one less than a square.


Sixty-Five is a Numberblock made of 65 blocks.

Fanmade Designs

ThatGuy30722's Sixty-Five is a retired musician, because he is 5x13. This old has-been is no longer very good at performing, and whenever he tries, he gets into an unlucky situation. He’s also 11+12+13+14+15, and the smallest number made of two distinct squares in two different ways (1 and 64, or 16 and 49).

Fernandez0907's Sixty-Five is a old lady as she is the average age of retirement in the UK. She also loves sapphires.


Sixty-Six is a Numberblock made of 66 blocks.

Fanmade Designs

ThatGuy30722's Sixty-Six is the eleventh step squad, and he is the very encouraging coach (and manager) for a football team of One to Eleven. He is also six Elevens, eleven Sixes, double Thirty-Three, and triple Twenty-Two.

JingzheChina's Sixty-Six is a step squad. He was a football player and killer. One copy of him took part in a football championship, but had an accident and died in a match. It was also said that the genuine cause of death of that copy is execution for killing something. Whatever, his other copies, including the Sixty-Sixes made from other numberblocks, are still alive, but lose the qualification for the football championship.

TSRITW's design of Sixty-Six is Fifty-Five's older brother. He likes doing exercise and loves hexagons.

CloudyWithAChanceOfRainbows's 66 is a football coach that can be a team of One to Eleven. His voice sounds a bit like Fifty-Five, and he somewhat acts like a parental figure to Cloudy's Thirty-Three.

Fernandez0907's Sixty-Six is Fifty-Five's sister as both are multiples of Eleven and also step squads.


Sixty-Seven is a Numberblock made of 67 blocks.

Fanmade Designs

DanvilleGeorge's design for Sixty-Seven is roughly two thirds of One Hundred. His favorite food is pizza.

ThatGuy30722's Sixty-Seven is a cowgirl who loves to round ‘em up! She introduces rounding numbers and estimating. She is 2/3 of One Hundred, rounded to the nearest whole number. She is another prime number, and she often sports a lasso (not shown).

Fernandez7090's Sixty-Seven is a cowgirl who loves to round things up with her trusty lasso. She introduces rounding and estimates since she is 2/3 of One Hundred.


Sixty-Eight is a Numberblock made of 68 blocks.

Fanmade Designs

ThatGuy30722's Sixty-Eight is a super rectangle that is quadruple Seventeen (and double Thirty-Four). She is…not a very good artist. However, she is completely oblivious to it, saying you’d know how amazing her art is if you could understand true art.

TSRITW's design of Sixty-Eight helps answer Sixty-Seven's questions. She's also a gastronome and sometimes suggest new items for restaurants. She can also make pixel art.


Sixty-Nine is a Numberblock made of 69 blocks.

Fanmade Designs

ThatGuy30722's Sixty-Nine loves anything with rotational symmetry (looks the same upside down), such as his pair of Numberlings. For some reason, whenever he says his name, other numbers end up laughing.

Dodeca D.'s Sixty-Nine is very special: see his pair of numberlings below? The 9 looks like a number 6 but turned upside down. That’s where he gets his purpose - he loves anything with rotational symmetry where something looks the same upside down if the symmetry is repeated correctly. He has four legs, but only two of them can work at a time. If he wants to get his other legs moving, he needs to flip himself upside down, thus causing the other pair of legs to stop working! He even has two mouths which function the same as the legs. He is also a comedian as he is triple 23, and also a nod to how 69 is considered a “funny number” by many.

Fernandez7090's Sixty-Nine loves rotational symmetry since his numberling is the same digit but with one of them upside-down. He is also a stand-up comedian who tells (very unfunny) jokes about math as 69 is called the "Funny Number" in pop culture.


Seventy-One is a Numberblock made of 71 blocks.

Fanmade Designs

JingzheChina's Seventy-One is never satisfied with the status quo, and always willing to break and change everything. This might be because of his primeness and thus he is always one-off from a rectangle.

ThatGuy30722's Seventy-One is prime, and when he stands 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10 blocks wide, he is exactly one more or one less than a rectangle! Being so close to so many rectangles has made him insane.

Fernandez0907's Seventy-One greatly dislikes rectangles, due to him being one-off when standing 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 blocks wide. He also loves keyboards as he is the number of characters that can be used in a keyboard.


Seventy-Two is a Numberblock made of 72 blocks.

Fanmade Designs

JingzheChina's Seventy-Two is a highly composite rectangle. She can make lots of shapes like Sun Wukong, including rectangle ones and non-rectangle ones. Although she is a girl, she is extremely lively just like Eighteen. The colors of her eyes stands for Eight and Nine, since she is 8x9.

ThatGuy30722's Seventy-Two has 12 arrays, making her the second “ultra rectangle” (the first being Sixty). She is a gymnast/runner/Olympian athlete, gracefully floating through the air on her rays, and staying fit by switching through her rectangles as exercise. She is very strong, like Eight and Nine, since she’s Eight times Nine!

210's Brizzare Advantures's Seventy-Two is a waitress of Numberland Hotel. She is well-known as "Fastest Rectangle" in Numberland hotel since she is very speedy (perhaps because she is four times Eighteen). Her magenta and gray hat refers to the fact that 72=8x9.

CloudyWithAChanceOfRainbows's Seventy-Two is a hyper rectangle that loves 3-string Numberblocks (numberblocks that can become ones by only splitting in half or splitting in three), and usually hangs out with them. When something happens between Numberblocks that aren't 3-string, he usually remarks that it's "none of his business", which may come off as rude to some.

Fernandez7090's Seventy-Two is a entire rectangle army since he is a super-duper rectangle made of super-duper rectangles... made of super rectangles. He also loves 3-string.

TSRITW's 1st design of Seventy-Two is a businessman who likes to talk about natural logarithms.

TSRITW's 2nd design of Seventy-Two is Forty-Eight's apprentice in factorization.