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Club Picnic is the second episode of Season 8 of Numberblocks. This is the 107th episode in the series overall.


There are so many clubs for Numberblocks to belong to – it's time for Twenty-Nine to figure out where he belongs!


It's Club Picnic Day, with the Square Club not only participating- many other clubs are out there.

Twenty-Nine is participating in the picnic as to figure themselves out, with the help of Twenty-One in doing so. First, he determines if he's an odd or even number- he's odd, because they end in a Nine- any Numberblock that ends in 9 are odd. With that being done, Twenty-Nine tries to find another club to join.

Back at the Square Club picnic spot, the Square Club is now together with a new club- the Cube Club, sharing One as a member. Twenty-Nine attempts to join the clubs, but with no success in making a cube or a square. Remembering what Twenty-Seven said about making Cube Club, Twenty-Nine gets the idea to make up new clubs, starting with the Nine Enders, for numbers that end in 9, like himself. Nine is in for it, but accidentally releases a cloud of pepper that causes all him, 16, 25, and 25's own 9 to sneeze. Seeing the squares with holes, Twenty-Nine comes up with a new club idea: Squares with Holes Club, for numbers that can form a square shape with a hole in it, like Eight, Twelve, and Sixteen. With this inspiration, Twenty-Nine soon realizes how much clubs there really can be, and figures themselves out; a club fanatic, someone who likes making up clubs for Numberblocks. Twenty-Nine soon starts throwing badges onto the other Numberblocks, starting with Square with a Hole Club.

After assigning the Nine Enders their badges, Twenty-Nine is soon brought up to a new club: the Roaring Twenties, as they proceed to sing a song. With that, the Twenties are now complete.


A good way to figure out Numberblocks is by properties. Take, for example, One; an example of her properties include:

  • Square (1x1)
  • Step Squad (1)
  • Cube (1x1x1)
  • Odd Block
  • And more!

Learning Objective

This episode's learning objective is to learn about grouping numbers by numerical properties.



  • This is the 4th appearance of Square Club.
    • Along with it, it includes the 3rd appearance of 16 sneezing and the 1st appearance of 25 sneezing.
  • According to the extended description, this episode is about grouping numbers by numerical properties.
  • This is the first time Twenty-Nine is seen as a figured-out Numberblock.
  • This is the third time Sixteen sneezes to a 12 and a 4 and the first time 25 sneezes to a 16 and a 9.
  • This episode completed the Twenties.
  • It is revealed that One is a cube number alongside Eight and Twenty-Seven. (1 by 1 by 1)
  • Five (physically) and Seventeen are the only figured-out Numberblocks from 1-29 to not appear. Zero also doesn't appear in this episode because according to the Numberblocks Twitter, she doesn't have any clubs to be assigned to.
  • The "Club Assigning" part, cleverly enough, has a reference of 20-29 in numerical order. For a full list:
    • Super Rectangle Club has 20 (and 24 and 28)
    • Step Squad Club has 21 (and also 28, but she doesn't get a badge onscreen for some reason)
    • League of Elevens has 22
    • Prime Club has 23 (and 29 himself)
    • Super-Duper Rectangle Club has 24
    • Square Club goes back to 25
    • Undercover Thirteens/Falling Apart Club has 26
    • Cube Club has 27
    • Rainbow Sevens has 28 (and 21)
    • Lastly, Nine Enders has 29
  • Said sequence misses a lot of badges for certain Numberblocks; for example, Twenty-Eight isn't given a Step Squad Club badge.
    • Of course, this may have been because Twenty-Eight wasn't in a step shape at the time, as Twenty-One's Step Squad Club badge disappears when she is given a Rainbow Sevens badge.
  • This episode confirms that Twenty-Six indeed splits upon hearing his name; when he does hear his name, his glasses prop up before he splits.
  • This is the third time Four has ignored a Round Thing.
  • The name of the "Roaring Twenties" is based on the same name as the real thing.
  • When Sixteen has received her Square Club Badge, her Square with a Hole badge is missing.
    • This may have been because the Sixteen that got the Square with a Hole badge added back with Eight and One to make Twenty-Five, or that Sixteen switched from her Square-with-a-hole form to her square form, as a similar situation occurred later, when Twenty-One was assigned a Step Squad badge, but it disappeared later, when she switched to her 3 by 7 form to get a Rainbow Sevens badge.



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