Champ is an episode of Series 3. 


A welcomes everyone to the Alphablocks Games, where two teams compete to make words. A introduces the two teams: digraphs CH and SH.

For round 1, the teams will dash to O and P to make words. First up is SH.

sh-o-p, SHOP!

A shop appears. Next up is CH.

ch-o-p, CHOP!

The shop is chopped up in half. For round 2, the teams will dive down to I and P to make words. First up is CH.

ch-i-p, CHIP!

A chip appears. Next up is SH.

sh-i-p, SHIP!

The chip becomes a ship. For round 3, there is a three-legged relay race, where the first team races to two single Alphablocks, who then race to the other team. First up is SH, who race to I and N.

sh-i-n, SHIN!

A shin appears. I and N then race to CH.

ch-i-n, CHIN!

A chin appears. E and D are the next two single Alphablocks and CH race to them.

ch-e-d, CHED!

Oops! Ched isn't a word. CH sadly walks away while E and D race to SH.

sh-e-d, SHED!

The shed wins it for SH! The team now gets to win a prize. B, C, D, M, R, and S come to help.


  • BASH - D bashes out a drumroll.
  • CASH - C finds a case with paper money inside.
  • DASH - D dashes around the track.
  • MASH - M finds a plate of mashed potatoes and eats it.
  • RASH - R, A, and SH get a rash.
  • SASH (star word) - SH get a winning sash and everyone cheers.


  • Total words: 10 (TV version), 13 (game version)
  • G, J, K, L, Q, V, X, and Z are absent in this episode.
  • E, F, H, I, N, P, S, U, W, and Y only say their sound in this episode.

Nonsense Words


  • The nonsense word CHED can be a Welsh boys' name, which is short for Chedwyn (ex. Ched Evans)
    • It can also be an abbreviation for Commission on Higher Education.


  • B and T are the game commentators. After S doubles up, B is missing and she comes in with C, D, M, R, and S to help SH.

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