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This category is for people who have been blocked.

What a good day of Hide and Sheep. And now it's time for Sheep to sleep.png

"What a good day of hide and sheep. And now it's time for Blocked to sleep."Six
This user, also known as

You met your match!.PNG

"You have met your match, Category:Blocked!"Octonaughty
This user currently has a third and last strike and will be blocked.
However, they can come back after ???.

this template is gone

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, is currently blocked for violating the rules.

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You’ve been blocked!

You’re the one who will be mocked!

Your account’s in jail forever,

and I think it will be severed.

You were a troll, on a roll,

you vandalized, but we have eyes.

And before you thought of spamming,

the redirects and deletes’d be ramming.

You were wrong, so so long,

you’re seeing red, but you’re dead!

And please, don’t even try to reincarnate!

Because it might be a thrill,

but you’ll be overkilled,

now you’re blocked, yes, you’re blocked,

have a nice day!


Sweet Dreams, all of you!.png

"Sweet dreams!"Twenty
This user has been permanently blocked/banned and will probably never come back.

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