CBeebies is a famous British channel for kids from 2-7 launched by the BBC on 11 February 2002 when founder Chris Jarvis "had the idea for a CBBC for younger kids". It manages an international network supported by subscription services, and is frequently watched by families without cable TV. It airs Numberblocks and Alphablocks.

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If those who live outside the UK click on the links shown, the website comes up showing nothing but the English and Spanish CBeebies. We must warn you, there isn’t Numberblocks on that site's region. Learn more about the geo-block here:



  • “CBeebies” sounds like “CBB”, which is actually “BBC” backwards.

Alphablocks episodes
Numberblocks episodes
Here are all the Numberblocks episodes.

Series 1

High Five!

One, Another One, Two, Three, One, Two, Three!, Four, Five, Three Little Pigs, Off We Go, How to Count, Stampolines, The Whole of Me, The Terrible Twos, Holes, Hide and Seek

Ten out of Ten

Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Just Add One, Blast Off, Counting Sheep, Double Trouble, The Three Threes, Odds and Evens, Fluffies, The Two Tree, Numberblock Castle, Ten Green Bottles

Series 2

Number Fun

Once Upon A Time, Blockzilla, The Numberblocks Express, Fruit Salad, Zero, Now We Are Six To Ten, Numberblobs, Building Blocks, Peekaboo!, Hiccups, What's the Difference?, Numberblock Rally, Five and Friends, Octoblock to the Rescue!, Ten Again

Fifteen and Friends

Flatland, Pattern Palace, The Legend of Big Tum, Mirror, Mirror, The Wrong Number, Eleven, Twelve, The Way of the Rectangle, Ride the Rays, Block Star, Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen, Tween Scenes, Step Squads

Series 3

Season 5

Fifteen's Minute of Fame, On Your Head, Ten's Place, Balancing Bridge, Sixteen, Square Club, Seventeen, Eighteen, Loop the Loop, Nineteen, Twenty, Tall Stories, Flights of Fancy, I Can Count to Twenty, Heist

Season 6

Sign of the Times, Fun Times Fair, The Lair of Shares, Terrible Twosday, Divide and Drive, Twenty-One and On, We're Going on a Square Hunt, Thirty's Big Top, Land of the Giants, Fifty, Sixty's High Score, The Big One, One Hundred, One Thousand and One, More To Explore

Series 4

Season 7

Your Turn, Now You See Us, Ten's Top Ten, What's My Number?, Fun Times One Times Table, The Many Friends of Twenty, Ten Vaulting, Twoland, Two Times Shoe Shop, Odd Side Story, How Rectangly!, Rectangle Racers, The Team Factor, Hidden Talents, Making Patterns

Upcoming (confirmed)

Season 8

S8E1, S8E2, S8E3, S8E4, S8E5, S8E6, S8E7, S8E8, S8E9, S8E10, S8E11, S8E12, S8E13, S8E14, S8E15


Numberblocks Theme Song

Fourth Wall Breaks

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