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Building Blocks is an episode of Numberblocks Series 3.


9 and 10 see something you don't see every day. It appears to be an alien, whose spaceship has crash-landed onto Numberland. The alien shows them her home planet, so 10 decides to blast off there. She starts to count down, but the alien stops her, causing her to splutter, and tries to rebuild the tower. But instead it scans 10 and shoots out her shapes. They decide to build a tower.

The alien then scans 9 and shoots out his shapes, and 9 builds with his blocks. 6 and 7 admire their construction. They then get scanned and their shapes come out.

6 points up to the alien's planet that the aliens are building their own tower. Quickly, they build the tower bigger until it almost touches the top of the aliens' tower, but when the alien shoots out a 9-block shape, it accidentally falls off the tower and lands on the ground, causing the Numberblocks' tower to start collapsing.

6, 7, 9, and 10 call for help, when 8 comes. The alien scans 8, who starts rapidly building with his shapes, until the top of the tower falls. The Numberblocks 6-10 hang on to the top of the aliens' tower for dear life while the alien climbs them to his home planet. 10 says goodbye to the aliens as she, 9, 8, 7, and 6 fall with parachutes.

Now they're guilty that their tower's all over the place, so 7 suggests they could build something else.


  • This episode is similar to the Alphablocks episode, Fred.
  • The Numberblocks 0-5 are absent in this episode.
    • This episode marks the first time that 1 is absent. (The second time is The Way of Rectangle ) That means, 6 is the smallest number, 7 is the smallest prime number and 8 is the middle number in this episode.
  • The Numberblocks 6-10 have new arrangements in this episode:
    • 6:
      • Horizontal
      • 1+1+1+3
      • Zigzag
      • S-shape
      • 2+1+3
    • 7:
      • 1+3+3 left
      • T-shape
      • Bolt-shape
      • 1+1+1+1+3
      • 2+2+2+1
    • 8:
      • Horizontal
      • L-shape
      • 4+2+2 center
      • U-shape
      • 3+3+1+1
    • 9:
      • Horizontal
      • Scrambled
      • C-shape
      • 1+3+5
      • Center triangle
      • Trident
    • 10:
      • Bolt-Thing
      • 5x2
      • Sideways Shifted Rectangle
      • 4+4+2 right
      • Pointing Down 1
      • 2+4+4 center
      • Pointing Down 2
      • Second Finger
      • Thumbs Up
  • This episode could be considered the sequel to Stampolines.
  • 8's wrench shape and swingset shape from Blast Off and Numberblock Castle respectively return in this episode.
  • This episode, Alphablocks episodes "Book" and "The End" aired on Halloween 2018.




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"Wait.. so they made Numberblocks bigger than 10.. without fusing??" — Arif Khamis-Yussuf