LittleAwesomeApple LittleAwesomeApple 6 days ago

One Hundred And Twenty-Nine

129 is a fanmade Numberblock by LittleAwesomeApple. His preferred form is an octahedron, which is why he looks smaller than he should be.

He is made of One Hundred, Twenty, and Nine.

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IDiscoverer IDiscoverer 11 days ago

No badges


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TSRITW TSRITW 11 days ago

Here are my fan-ficial Numberblocks!

Remember the time I made my fanmade 21~30? That was so long ago. But now that compound Numberblocks exist (and the page is no longer vandalized by a certain someone), I've decided to take on a challenge to create what I think discovered 23~29 (except 25) would look like!

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Passwordsishere Passwordsishere 12 days ago

I’ve been gone for a while...

LOL Im being gone from a while.

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Liam3667 Liam3667 17 days ago

Numberblocks Flipaclip Assets

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Lgunn123 Lgunn123 18 days ago


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ThePinkDrop ThePinkDrop 19 days ago

If My Fanmade Numberblocks Had Better Names

Credit to TSRITW for inspiration.

  • 23 - Iwakāluakūmākolu (“twenty-three” in hawaiian)
  • 25 - Octorec (24 is the first number to have 8 factors)
  • 26 - Alphabety (there are 26 letters in the english alphabet)
  • 27 - Tryplopowertryplo (27 = 33)
  • 28 - Luckystep (28 = 1+2+3+4+5+6+7)
  • 29 - Wyddory (there are 29 letters in the welsh alphabet, “wyddor” is alphabet in welsh)
  • 31 - Skerry (literally how you pronounce “scary”)
  • 32 - Esquardocto (32 = 4x8)
  • 33 - Sokk'yplo (33 = 11x3)
  • 34 - Applepine (34’s colour scheme is like a pineapple, “applepine” is similar to “pineapple“)
  • 35 - Cinkolucky (35 = 5x7)
  • 37 - Eksekseksveaiyie (“XXXVII”)
  • 38 - Dubloshift (38 = 2x19)
  • 39 - Tryplomurphy (39 = 3x19)
  • 41 - Ekselie (“XLI”)
  • 43 - Raydeoaktiv (43 is the atomic number of the first radioactive element in the periodic table)…

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ThePinkDrop ThePinkDrop 19 days ago

Uploading an image.

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ThatGuy30722 ThatGuy30722 20 days ago

I saw someone get hated on because he traced Scalfred's rigs

Honestly makes me kinda worried, because I traced pictures of the official Numberblocks to make my rigs.

Hopefully that's not as bad, right? I didn't trace Scalfred's rigs (got some inspiration from them, sure, but I didn't trace over them), but I copied pics of the official Numberblocks into Powerpoint, and then traced them

(in case you're wondering the kid who traced the rigs was here:

and more hate can be found in the comments of here:

(also i don't plan on showing anyone my rigs)

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Muzzammileltom1 Muzzammileltom1 20 days ago

Numberblocks Studio





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Supermdztv1 Supermdztv1 23 days ago

Counting up (New fanmade Numberblocks)

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Daniharut Daniharut 23 days ago


How did this wiki move to the UPC community?

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Ryan Harris Archibald Ryan Harris Archibald 24 days ago

You thought this happened to the Numberblocks...

Here, click on this link:

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Ryan Harris Archibald Ryan Harris Archibald 29 days ago

Look at Six!



Six: Sorry. Anyways, the sqaure root of six is... 2.449489742783178.


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Liam3667 Liam3667 25 August

Why I'm Leaving The Numberblocks Community

  1. Getting too old for Numberblocks.
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ok ok so i found out where the “Dia” template came from

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PersonThatDrinksJuice PersonThatDrinksJuice 22 August

what if BFB and numberblocks were connected worlds?

coming soon!

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PersonThatDrinksJuice PersonThatDrinksJuice 22 August

im new.

im new to this wiki so yeah but im only here for number blocks

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PersonThatDrinksJuice PersonThatDrinksJuice 22 August

one thing that annoys me on this wiki

that more than half of the numberblock pages you cant edit

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ThatGuy30722 ThatGuy30722 19 August


Video will play after ads

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Sixtombfanner11 Sixtombfanner11 16 August

Leaving the Learningblocks Wiki

I've come to the decision to leave the Learningblocks wiki.


  1. Massive Vandals. These keep targeting our wiki every single day, and this wiki just isn't cut for it.
  2. Inactivity. I've recently grown off to more wikis, and have not touched this one ever since.
  3. Other reasons. Let's not talk about them, 'kay?

And those are my reasons why I'm leaving the wiki. FOR GOOD. I might peek around a few times and might make a few edits, but for that, I'm leaving. For good.

Cya guys.

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GjpennRises4th GjpennRises4th 13 August

My Numberblocks 32-39,

32: super crazy rectangle 33: puzzle teacher 34: alcohol drinker 35: shes 7 fives 37: An Musical worker 38: creeped out 39: an angry unlucky catblock

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ThatGuy30722 ThatGuy30722 11 August

Unicode Blocks: An Idea I Had

Essentially a spin-off of Alphablocks, but not in the same sense as Numberblocks. It's where the Alphablocks discover that grapheme symbols like them are part of a grander world called Unicode. They also get second 'lings, that float above them like Numberlings, that are their Unicode codepoints. The number aliens from UFO return, but have evolved, and now can probably guess who. Capital letters will be separate characters, and will basically be "x10" versions of the usual Alphablocks. The different Unicode blocks will be like different towns/parts of Alphaland, and they might look like the places they're used in (eg: Arabic and other Middle Eastern scripts might live in what looks like a desert).

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Cowfan Cowfan 10 August

I made a fake show named Scienceblox!

I made a fake show named Scienceblox!











f (n)








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Cherry is alive Cherry is alive 9 August

Flutterbyscarlet* Triggering Me: The Blog

Images of Flutterbyscarlet* annoying me and some other users.

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Cherry is alive Cherry is alive 9 August

Flutterbyscarlet* sucks. Here's a blog to prove it.

Flutterbyscarlet* is a female user who first joined Fandom in 2020.

  1. She constantly brags about of how "magical" she is.
  2. She harassed Cherry is alive for liking Happy Tree Friends. 
  3. Speaking of which, Flutterby used to flood her message wall with pointless messages. The worst part of this? This caused Cherry to swear.
  4. She likes vandalising pages for no good reason.
  5. She told Thekoolgal11 to get Coronavirus. This also means that Flutterby joked about COVID-19, which is a very serious and deadly virus. 
  6. She is just so dang annoying. 
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Cowfan Cowfan 9 August

Ben and Jerry Wiki Announcement!

Ben and Jerry Wiki Announcement! Contact me if you would like to be an admin.

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Skrato Skrato 9 August

My Fanmade Numberblocks

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Fanmade Numberblock: Ten Million

Ten Million is a fanon Numberblock with 10,000,000 blocks. She speaks with ten million voices. She also looks like Ten Thousand, but with round-star eyes, because she is not a square, but is a 1000x10000 oblong.

She would be voiced by Teresa Gallagher.

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Blubflubberfan27 Blubflubberfan27 5 August

Questions from Blub

Episode 1:

where are these from?

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ThatGuy30722 ThatGuy30722 4 August


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Numberblocks459 Numberblocks459 2 August



Don't forget 0

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Fanmade Numberblock: One Hundred and Fifty

One Hundred and Fifty or 150 is a fanon character in Numberblocks. She can be 10 + 20 + 30 + 40 + 50, a tens step squad (a.k.a. help squad), or 1 + 1.5 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 + 10 + 11 + 12 + 12.5 + 13 + 14 + 15 + 16, a deci step squad. She also resembles a giant Fifteen.

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Xflower36 Xflower36 1 August

genders of my fanmade numberblocks

23: male

24: male

26: female

27: male

28: male

29: female

31: male

32: male

33: female

34: male

35: male

36: male

37: male

38: male

39: female

41: female

42: male

43: male

44: male

45: female

46: male

47: male

48: female

49: male

51: male

52: female

53: male

54: male

55: female

56: male

57: female

58: female

59: male

61: male

62: male

63: male

64: male

65: female

66: female

67: female

68: male

69: male

71: female

72: female

73: male

74: male

75: male

76: female

77: male

78: female

79: male

81: male

82: male

83: female

84: male

85: male

86: male

87: female

88: male

89: male

91: female

92: female

93: male

94: male

95: female

96: male

97: male

98: female

99: male

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Jucas Lohnson Jucas Lohnson 1 August

Summer Fun Numberblocks

Sing along with the Numberblocks!

1 is a part of me and 1 is a part of me.

1 is a part of me and 2 is a part of me.

1 is a part of me and 3 is a part of me.

2 is a part of me and 2 is a part of me.

1 is a part of me and 4 is a part of me.

2 is a part of me and 3 is a part of me...

Your turn!

1 is a part of me and ? is a part of me.

1 is a part of me and ? is a part of me.

1 is a part of me and is a part of me.

2 is a part of me and ? is a part of me.

1 is a part of me and ? is a part of me.

2 is a part of me and ? is a part of me...

And the whole of me is...

1... 2... 3... 4... 5!

Let's count to 10.

We're ten Ones and we're playing in the sun.

Making friends is our idea of fun!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10!

Your turn!

We're ten Ones and we're playing in the sun.


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ButterBlaziken230 ButterBlaziken230 1 August

I’m outta the NSC

This fanbase is actual aids

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My Fanmade Numberblock: Two Thousand

Two Thousand or 2000 would be double One Thousand. He would probably be an imaginary character like 1000 was. He would be voiced by Marcell McCalla. He would then be the biggest Numberblock with glasses, because he would be Ten Two Hundreds.

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MrQwerty12309 MrQwerty12309 29 July

My Dias

Ya I know how to make Dias now

All so far

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Jucas Lohnson Jucas Lohnson 28 July

A Random Thought About Numbers (and Thomas the Tank Engine)

I tend to have a habit of having lots of random thoughts.

This is just something I thought about regarding Thomas the Tank Engine and his numbered friends. For the first couple years that our blue steam locomotive graced our screens, we were familiar with the ten lucky engines who inhabited Tidmouth Sheds: Thomas, number 1, Edward, number 2, Henry, number 3, Gordon... okay, this might run long, so let's skip to Douglas, number 10. Then, one fateful day in the mid-2000s, a new arrival named Emily made her home in Tidmouth Sheds, and coindicentally, we got less and less word of all the engines whose names began with D. But we didn't mind that much, probably because their numbers were 8, 9, and 10, and without them, we still had 1 through 7, a…

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Doritodorito Doritodorito 28 July

Why the Hero Team is Toxic

  • 1 Some things I should say
  • 2 What is the Hero Team?
  • 3 Why it's Toxic
    • 3.1 It's a Black and White Morality Lens
    • 3.2 It's Biased
    • 3.3 Some People Just use "Villain" as an Insult
    • 3.4 The Blog Post is Outdated
  • 4 In Conclusion…
    • 4.1 What Should we do Instead?

This is mostly about the NLW Hero Team, but I'm sure some things I say here will also hold true for here. So why am I posting this here instead of the Numberlemon Wiki? The reason why is because I'm currently blocked on the NLW, so I can't post it there. If you disagree with my opinion on the Hero Team, I respect your opinion.

On September 10th, 2018, TSRITW made the Learningblocks Wiki Heroes. On November 10th, 2019, CloudyWithAChanceOfRainbows made a Hero Team for the Numberlemon Wiki. This is the template fo…

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Numberblocks459 Numberblocks459 26 July

I think I found

the official Twenty-Four.

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NONONONNONONNNONONONO 10 your'e not here 5+5 10 again +6 where's four? dont worry 4 were all squares eight + rrrr two tenenen again nononoonoono nine+1 what the [🐴] man

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ThatGuy30722 ThatGuy30722 23 July

Addressing A Problem With This Wiki

Hello. So this wiki seems to be crumbling now, with lots of spam, sockpuppets, and even NSFW! To help save the wiki, I think I know the reason why it's in such bad shape:

Our admin team is weak.

Seriously, we don't have too many admins, and the ones we do have aren't the most active.

I think we need more admins. Unfortunately, in this dysfunctional family of a fandom, even the most qualified people can be mentally unstable. But the wiki cannot stay like this!

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Numberblock1 Numberblock1 23 July


The end.

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File Unknown Chapter 2

(NOTE: This is a continued from the last chapter, Also, The original was by EllieNintendoGames, But, never made a Chapter 2, So, I'm making one myself., Also, there might be some changes, Also again, It's a final chapter.)

I am not one...

I'm... I'm...

The End.

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Jucas Lohnson Jucas Lohnson 20 July

It's Official?


Welp, I guess that's that then. Erin complimented David Holt on his voice acting on Numberblocks, and he relpied by saying there would be more Numberblocks episodes "later this year." Note the quotation marks. I suppose that means that Numberblocks is not yet over, we'll get to explore more mathematical topics, and at long last, we'll get the Twenty-Three we've been waiting for... supposedly. I said "supposedly" because it's not official yet, hence the question mark in the title of the blog. What year WAS it when that fateful conversation took place? Was it this year, 2020, which will give us hope for Twenty-Three? Or was it last year, 2019, before "More to Explore" and the other new episodes came out? That question still remains …

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CollinGamer78 CollinGamer78 20 July


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CollinGamer78 CollinGamer78 20 July


NEW SHOW!! Piblocks Is A Pi Version Of Numberblocks.

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CollinGamer78 CollinGamer78 19 July

This 2

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