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Nayuta Ito Nayuta Ito 1 day ago

My fanmade Numberblocks

Basically what I consider "the main characteristics" of each number.

  • 42 - A cuboid that is 3 blocks wide, 7 blocks tall, and 2 blocks thick.
  • 44 - A brother of 45. The smallest consecutive super rectangle.
  • 48 - 24 but more factors

  • 57 - NEVER becomes a rectangle even though 3x19 is possible
  • 72 - Female. Her main arrangement is a 8-by-9 rectangle. She likes being flat.
  • 96 - 24 but even more factors

  • 440 - Likes singing
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NumberblocksEditor NumberblocksEditor 1 day ago

Numberblocks 0-100

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Sussyboy9999 Sussyboy9999 1 day ago

my fan-numberblocks

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A blog post for each episode of Numberblocks

This is a work in progress.

  • One
  • Another One
  • Two
  • Three
  • One, Two, Three!
  • Four
  • Five
  • Three Little Pigs
  • Off We Go
  • How to Count
  • Stampolines
  • The Whole of Me
  • The Terrible Twos
  • Holes
  • Hide and Seek

  • Six
  • Seven
  • Eight
  • Nine
  • Ten
  • Just Add One
  • Blast Off
  • Counting Sheep
  • Double Trouble
  • The Three Threes
  • Odds and Evens
  • Fluffies
  • The Two Tree
  • Numberblock Castle
  • Ten Green Bottles (TSRITW's blog, twisted episode)

If anyone wants to link to their blog post, please tell me in the comments.

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Sussyboy9999 Sussyboy9999 1 day ago

numberblocks skit part 2


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Treehouse94 Treehouse94 3 days ago

My Fanmade Numberblocks (Post Series 6!)

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a rainbow appears.



(Next bit is for my computer backround)


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Angrycreeper123 Angrycreeper123 5 days ago



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Onebillionn Onebillionn 6 days ago

rainbow tex


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Laziminoes Laziminoes 7 days ago

alphaling pangram

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Notoccyteenfromscratch Notoccyteenfromscratch 9 days ago

gelip sound likes a woman

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TSRITW TSRITW 10 days ago

"Why?" but Google Translated

Why didn't I do this?

Click here for the original.

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WhiteWasTheImpostor WhiteWasTheImpostor 10 days ago


papapa wan ru ri do fiv nubabics

si se et no ten nubBIcs





me it ti

fi fo fri

to wo

sime toe sin nubabic

nu can cn on sus we the nubabics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

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Weird number facts

Let's start with an anagram:

TWELVE PLUS ONE uses the same letters as ELEVEN PLUS TWO

Next, a rule that applies to every single odd number is existance (excluding infinity, if you think that's odd)

Every single odd number has an e in it. Let's try this one out.


1÷27 is 0.037037037... and 1÷37 is 0.027027027...

-more random number facts will be added soon-

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Onebillionn Onebillionn 11 days ago

Numberblock Personalties Pt.2

68: A bad artist who claims you dont know real art. (male) 69: The unfunny comedian. (female) 71: The twin prime of 73. (male) 72: A businesswoman who is often annoyed by 71 and 73's antics. (male) 73: The twin prime of 71, she is a sandwich restaurant owner. 74: A meteorologist who likes talking about hurricanes because he is the minimum speed for one. 75: He loves playing bingo with its 75 balls, and he is also 3/4 of 100. 76: She loves talking about automorphic numbers. 77: A lucky football player who always makes his team win. 78: A secret agent who loves working in the holiday season. (male) 79: An old miner who has a passion for finding gold. 82: A mage who is quite dangerous since her tricks amost always involve explosives…

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Davinumberblockslover Davinumberblockslover 11 days ago

Im sorry

Please forgive me,im gonna cry If You dont say "I forgive you"

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Onebillionn Onebillionn 12 days ago

Fanmade Numberblock Personalities

This shows the way some of my fanmade Numberblocks were made and also their personalities.

For Fifty-Two, I took some inspiration from dcs.

Fifty-Six and Ninety-Five are basically throwaways.

So, here they are!

33: The ex-star player of the League of Elevens alongside 110. (male)

34: The Fibonacci master. (female)

37: The nurse. (male)

38: Master of the crazy shapes. (male)

39: Baker of baker's dozens. (male)

41: A primed prime. (prime made of primes.) (female)

43: Leader of McNugget numbers. (female)

44: Tennis and football player. (male)

46: A geneaologist. (male)

47: A silverware collector. (male)

48: A hyperspeed ultra rectangle. (female)

51: An interterrestrial painter. (nonbinary)

52: A card agent who's voice sounds they ate 1,000,000 lemons and was…

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TSRITW TSRITW 12 days ago

"You Can Change The World" but Google Translated

You can change the meaning by abusing translation software!

Click here for the original.

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Slenderbendero Slenderbendero 12 days ago

the block or somthin

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Numberblock 33 Offical Numberblock 33 Offical 12 days ago

Club Templates

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Numberblock 33 Offical Numberblock 33 Offical 12 days ago


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Unikittylover54 Unikittylover54 12 days ago

Learningblocks Disgustoids

(Inspired by Garretthewolf2007)

What if the Alphablocks and Numberblocks become Disgustoids? That would be terriflying.

If you don't know what a Disgustoid is, here's a video link for them:

A: Apphla

B: Bassie

C: Crakra

D: Dumdum

E: Echoho

F: Flastro

G: Grslimy

H: Hurlo

I: Imperror

J: Jayox

K: Kangas

L: Lullbizz

M: Munchox

N: Nonox

O: Oearch

P: Peelink

Q: Quilza

R: Rarvas

S: Spikasag

T: Tuttea

U: Unflouo

V: Vromox

W: Wepoco

X: X-Zap

Y: Yeoui

Z: Zeeply

Zero: Zerah

One: Onvia

Two: Towto

Three: Trvis

Four: Forcho

Five: Fivilly

Six: Sexil

Seven: Sevdias

Eight: Eigugas

Nine: Ninnen

Ten: Tenble

Eleven: Elevill

Twelve: Tweddy

Thirteen: Thirtoto

Fourteen: Foruggi

Fifteen: Fifeeti

Sixteen: Sitapp

Seventeen: Sevsplatt

Eighteen: Eigorg

Nineteen: Nintinna …

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Unikittylover54 Unikittylover54 13 days ago

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (Alphablocks Version)

A told B, and B told C,

said D to E F G,

Chicka chicka boom boom! Will there be enough room? Here comes H up the coconut tree,

and I and J and tag-along K, all on their way up the coconut tree.

Chicka chicka boom boom! Will there be enough room? Look who's coming! L M N O P!

And Q R S! And T U V! Still more - W! And X Y Z!

The whole alphabet up the - Oh, no! Chicka chicka... BOOM! BOOM!

Skit skat skoodle doot. Flip flop flee. Everybody running to the coconut tree.

Mamas and papas and uncles and aunts hug their little dears, then dust their pants.

cried A B C.

Next from the pileup skinned-knee D and stubbed-toe E and patched-up F. Then comes G all out of breath.

H is tangled up with I. J and K are about to cry. L is knotted like a tie.

M is looped. N i…

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RachelFox23OwO RachelFox23OwO 14 days ago

Random cursed images so why not?

Note: Some of the images aren't mine. Credits to those who originally uploaded it. Might delete if not allowed :/

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welcome to my bleg


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Angrycreeper123 Angrycreeper123 14 days ago

Losing My Two

Losing My Two is the first episode of Season 7

  • 1 Synopsis
  • 2 Plot
  • 3 Characters
  • 4 Trivia
  • 5 Video

Numberblocks new full episodes (1-10). 55 Fan-made new appearance. learn to count #with me. Numberblocks new story adventure animation made for fan. In which you will meet numberblocks counting from 1 to 10. We will add all numbers step-by-step


  • One
  • Two
  • Three
  • Four
  • Five
  • Six
  • Seven
  • Eight
  • Nine
  • Ten
  • Eleven
  • Twelve
  • Thirteen
  • Fourteen
  • Fifteen
  • Sixteen
  • Seventeen
  • Nineteen
  • Twenty
  • Twenty-One
  • Twenty-Eight
  • Thirty-Five
  • Thirty-Six
  • Forty-Five
  • Fifty-Five (compound)

  • This is the first episode with a new intro and art-style
  • Twenty-Eight, Thirty-Five, Thirty-Six and Forty-Five have a different design to their later episodes
  • Because this aired months before any other Season 7 episode this is considered episod…

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SpacetimeDoesAThing87 SpacetimeDoesAThing87 15 days ago

my oneth blog post of 2022


  • 1 faddest text
    • 1.1 fad text
      • 1.1.1 semi-fad text
        • sqine text

cod text

qout text

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Cœur De Loupe Cœur De Loupe 16 days ago

Numberblocks Google Translated


Two=it is better


Four=Feel it

Five=What type

Six=It's like an insect





Eleven=Ashd Ashr

Twelve=Callo Abellas


Fourteen=Independence of the Golden Horse


Sixteen=Close to

Seventeen=Thank you




Twenty One=Problem

Twenty Two=Vein

Twenty Three=Dry cardboard

Twenty Four=Most of them

Twenty Five=Neck

Twenty Six=For prediction

Twenty Seven=Gloria

Twenty Eight=Sydney

Twenty Nine=Butterfly

Thirty=Oral medication

That's all for now...

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About the smear frames

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TSRITW TSRITW 31 December 2021

"The Thing" but Google Translated

It's a thing, all right.

Click here for the original.

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Numberblock 33 Offical Numberblock 33 Offical 31 December 2021

How To Figure Out Compound Numbers With Twenty-One

Step one: Tens and ones!

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Someone20IforgotMyPassword Someone20IforgotMyPassword 30 December 2021


Alright, where do I start? Ok, firstly, the name 'special' doesn't make sense. There are supposed to be 12 'specials', but if there's 12, how special are they? When they finish the 'specials' and they want to make more, then they can't just make 'specials 2' or anything. And before you say Season 9, Season 8 finished with all of them leaving the planet, and because the specials seem to take place in an alternate reality where the numberblocks never left, you can't just carry on from the specials, because they are 'special' and you can't have second specials or anything and the things that happen in the specials may not have happened in the original timeline of Seasons 1 to 8.

Next, the inconsistent episode lengths. I get if they are special…

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FireArrowNewer FireArrowNewer 30 December 2021

Season 9:

This is a joke. This is a dym-styled Season 9:

  1. Thirty-Three Thirty-Three will be 3 football teams
  2. 34- times table multiplcation
  3. The Huge One 30 minute special the big one but to 1000
  4. Thirty-Eight thirty-eight has depression and likes to do [insert self harm here]
  5. Zeroland What if Zero was the first number? Imagine that!
  6. Wearlicaz Adventure A NWL crossover no one asked for
  7. Forty-Two Forty-Two loves life
  8. Sixty-Nine nice
  9. Infinity yay
  10. Sixty-NineLand What if Sixty-Nine was the first number? Imagine that?
  11. Six Hundred and Sixty-Six Six Hundred Sixty-Six is an evil spirit who would take over numberland
  12. Fanagram Adventure a NFG crossover no one asked for
  13. Learningblocks a Alphablocks crossover no one asked for, and I don't care if seasons should only have 15 episodes
  14. Thirteen…
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NmbrblcksFan NmbrblcksFan 30 December 2021

The Twelve Days Of Christmas but translated using scratch

W.I.P not done tanslating

Answer to Someone20IforgotMyPassword's question: I used the translate blocks lol

note: I translated it to French then back to English… And shake it up. Oh !}}Whoopsie!}}

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DentalFricative DentalFricative 30 December 2021

delta's fanmade LB stuff infodump

here's a crappy infodump for all of my fanmade stuff for alphablocks and numberblocks.

a really common tip for making good fanmades is to use the six-step plan. i did that with my 41, except they had a breakdown from being pressured to make rectangles and figured themselves out at step 2. they zap rectangles to turn them into primes, i'm not exactly sure how because i haven't gotten to that part yet.

all super duper rectangles: "EW RECTANGLES I HATE THEM NO"

all super rectangles: "i mostly hate you but not as much as the SDRs."

any composite number that isn't an SR: "you're so close to being prime! join me in being prime together, come on!"


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FireArrowNewer FireArrowNewer 29 December 2021

My Season 9 Prediction

This is fanmade, and contains at least one of FireArrowNewer's fanmade numberblocks.

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Someone20IforgotMyPassword Someone20IforgotMyPassword 28 December 2021

The Numberblocks in a nutshell

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Seth002 Seth002 28 December 2021

Numberblocks The Movie

Part 1 (12/27/21)

(The Narrator is the same one as in "Band Together")

Narrator: On a weird planet, the Numberblocks lived.

1: Who was that?

2: I dont know.

9 Kicks Squarey*

4: 9 STOP!!!

9: Why???

4: JUST DO IT!!!

9: Okay, Okay!

4: Phew!

Part 2 (12/28/21)

Squarey: >:

4: It's okay!

5: BALL!

4: Not thi- FIVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5: My ball now!

6: No, mine!

5: Haha!

7: Nice tr-

8: Octosquareball!

9: Uh guys.......

4 and 9: THAT'S SQUAREY!!!

5: Sorry!

6: I'm going to roll my die from now on...

Narrator: And even though their mythical creatures they are-


Narrator: This isn't Spongebob.

5: The clouds have spoken about something weird known as a "Spongebob".

4: Square.

12: Pants!

Sponge with a mouth: Absorbent like me, Spongebob Squarepants!

3: Yellow too! …

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NmbrblcksFan NmbrblcksFan 27 December 2021

New arrangements I think I found

all the arrangments I put didn't count

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GenericPerson398 GenericPerson398 27 December 2021


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NmbrblcksFan NmbrblcksFan 27 December 2021

Herobrine Numberblocks

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GenericPerson398 GenericPerson398 26 December 2021

List of Nonsense Words

This is a list of the nonsense words seen in Alphablocks.

  • Tra
  • Tre
  • Tro
  • Bund
  • Qwjz
  • Wqzj
  • Eap
  • Uiet
  • Tne

  • St
  • Fon
  • Ftn
  • Xet
  • Qack

  • Ug
  • Og
  • Yog
  • Zog
  • Zox
  • Vox
  • Ched
  • Bood
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NmbrblcksFan NmbrblcksFan 26 December 2021


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NmbrblcksFan NmbrblcksFan 26 December 2021

Numberblocks factors amounts

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GenericPerson398 GenericPerson398 26 December 2021

how to terminate numberblocks game

there are 3 options:

  1. upload very copyrighted nb content, wait to nb game to steal it and upload it to yt and get copyright strike from lds family and repeat until nb games has 3 strikes
  2. make a nb game rant and wait others to do so
  3. wait until he/she goes away so nb game cannot upload content
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NmbrblcksFan NmbrblcksFan 26 December 2021

idk why I made dis

the template below is broken I did all the things

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New sandbox

Place holder text.

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Cœur De Loupe Cœur De Loupe 22 December 2021

Cœur De Loupe's Fanmade Numberblocks

  • This will get updated by time.
  • This is unfinished

  • 1 30's
    • 1.1 33
      • 1.1.1 Appearance
      • 1.1.2 Personality
      • 1.1.3 Relationship
    • 1.2 34
      • 1.2.1 Appearance
      • 1.2.2 Personality
    • 1.3 37
    • 1.4 38
      • 1.4.1 Appearance
      • 1.4.2 Personality
    • 1.5 39
      • 1.5.1 Appearance
      • 1.5.2 Personality
  • 2 40's
    • 2.1 41
      • 2.1.1 Appearance
      • 2.1.2 Personality
    • 2.2 42
      • 2.2.1 Appearance
      • 2.2.2 Personality
      • 2.2.3 Relationship
    • 2.3 44
      • 2.3.1 Appearance
      • 2.3.2 Personality
      • 2.3.3 Relationship
    • 2.4 46
    • 2.5 48
      • 2.5.1 Appearance
      • 2.5.2 Personality
      • 2.5.3 Relationship
  • 3 50's
    • 3.1 56
      • 3.1.1 Appearance
      • 3.1.2 Personality
    • 3.2 59
      • 3.2.1 Appearance
      • 3.2.2 Personality
  • 4 60's
    • 4.1 65
      • 4.1.1 Appearance
      • 4.1.2 Personality
    • 4.2 66
      • 4.2.1 Appearance
      • 4.2.2 Personality
      • 4.2.3 Relationship
    • 4.3 69
      • 4.3.1 Appearance
      • 4.3.2 Personality
  • 5 70's
    • 5.1 75
      • 5.1.1 Appearance
      • 5.1.2 Personality
  • 6 80's
    • 6.1 85
      • 6.1.1 Appearance
      • 6.1.2 Per…

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Someone20IforgotMyPassword Someone20IforgotMyPassword 21 December 2021


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Carlin12357 Carlin12357 21 December 2021

how far can you go?


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