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"Yum, yum! Who's in my tum?"

Big Tum

Big Tum is a character in Numberblocks.


Big Tum's body is covered with white fur with a "yum" math symbol on his belly. He has two bluish-gray eyes and a wide mouth, two light blue horns, and two legs that look like paws.


Not much is really known about him, but according to Three in his debut episode, he loves puzzles.

Episode Appearances


  • "Yum, yum! Who's in my tum?"
  • "Yum, yum! Well done!"
  • "Yuck, yuck! You're stuck!"


  • He has a vaguely similar voice to M, but much deeper and a little more soother.
    • Ironically, both M and Big Tum have a vaguely similar colour scheme and like eating things. However, M eats anything, including stuff that's inedible, for seemingly no reason, while Big Tum puts blocks in his tum so others can solve his puzzles.
  • According to several instances in both his major appearances, Big Tum's tum is rather warm inside. For example, T describes it as "toasty" in The Case of the Missing Blocks.
  • He broke the fourth wall once at the ending of The Legend of Big Tum, where after all the Numberblocks jump into his tum, he slowly approaches the screen and eats it, filling the screen with black.
  • In The Case of the Missing Blocks, Big Tum gains two additional forms due to the Alphablocks' word magic.
    • The first is Big Big Tum, who is simply regular Big Tum but much bigger with a deeper, echoed voice. Big Big Tum is created when the word "big" is spelt, making him grow in size. He can also run loose and eat anything in sight, essentially acting like M but much bigger and dangerous, as he went and ate part of a building.
    • The second is Tiny Tum, who is regular Big Tum but tiny and has a high-pitched voice. He is created when the words "not big" is spelt, shrinking both Ten back to normal size, and Big Big Tum into Tiny Tum. He grew back into regular Big Tum when he went back to Numberland.