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Beep is the fifteenth episode in Season 3 of Alphablocks.


"Good morning, Alphaland! What a fantastic day. I'm so happy to be alive, that I could just... burst!" E doubles up, forming digraph EE. EE bumps in B and P pops in.

b-ee-p, BEEP!

A Beep appears, and B, EE and P are puzzled by it. B presses a button and P pops off. S flies in.

s-ee, SEE!

The Beep starts to see and D walks in.

s-ee-d, SEED!

A seed appears. EE lets Beep have it. F flies in and T walks in.

f-ee-t, FEET!

Beep gets feet and begins to walk over to L. EE and F follow it.

f-ee-l, FEEL!

Beep gets hands and runs around. W walks in but is accidentally hit by Beep. P pops in.

w-ee-p, WEEP!

Beep starts to cry, but EE tells it to look at the seed. It grows into a tree, and oranges fall off it, which Beep juggles. It says it has been a fantastic day!

Characters (in their order of appearance)


  • EE


  • Beep
  • See
  • Seed
  • Feet
  • Feel
  • Weep


  • Total words: 6
  • A, C, G, H, I, J, K, M, N, O, Q, R, U, V, X, Y, and Z are absent in this episode.
  • D, F, L, S, and T only say their sounds in this episode.
  • L doesn't speak when she's outside a word.
  • E is the only vowel that appears in the episode.