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"Band is greater than flower!! Me like Band! DAHH!" - Blockzilla
This page is about a popular character, episode or other sorts.

In this episode, B, A, N, and D have a battle of the bands.


The Alphablocks Band begins to play, but D plays the drums loud. B decides to have a battle of the bands. B and A play pop, and N and D play rock.

Who wants to be in B and A's band?

Who would like to try out?


CAB - A taxi appears and A, B, and C go for a ride.

GAB - G, A, and B chatter.

JAB - J, A, and B dance the jab and get tickled.

LAB - A lab appears.

FAB (star word) - F, A, and B sing We're Fab. D, I, and N play a loud din. X can fix it. F and I are left out. B, A, N, and D are the best band!

Characters (in their order of appearance)


  • Jab
  • Cab (game only)
  • Lab (game only)
  • Gab (game only)
  • Mab (game only) (nonsense word)
  • Rab (game only) (nonsense word)
  • Fab
  • Din
  • Fix
  • Band


  • M only says his sound in this episode.
  • G L and R only appear in the game version.
  • C doesn't speak in the TV version.
  • E, H, K, O, P, Q, S, T, U, V, W, Y, and Z are absent in this episode.
  • Other common "-ab" word family words are DAB, NAB, and TAB, but those words weren't made.
  • This is like Band Together, but a bit anticlimactic.


B: Brother, it's us! We're the best band!


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