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Another One is the second episode of Season 1 of Numberblocks.


One discovers it's tricky to play tennis when you're the only block in the world. She bumps into a magic mirror and meets another One, and they join forces to make Two.


1 wakes up and counts one sun. She wants to play tennis, but she is all by herself.

She walks away sadly and bumps into a mirror. She sees another 1 in the mirror. Just as One figures she will be alone forever, the mirror creates another 1. The two 1's play tennis... with only one racket. Then, when a One slips on the racket...

Numberling 1.svg+.PNGNumberling 1.svg=.PNGNumberling 2.svg

…they become Numberblock 2! 2 wonders where everyone went, but realizes he is made up of 2 blocks. He separates into...

Numberling 2.svg-.PNGNumberling 1.svg=.PNGNumberling 1.svg

The two 1's want to do it again.

Numberling 1.svg+.PNGNumberling 1.svg=.PNGNumberling 2.svg

Then 2 splits again...

Numberling 2.svg-.PNGNumberling 1.svg=.PNGNumberling 1.svg

The Ones realize that plan hasn't gotten them anywhere. One of the 1's has an idea. Both run to the mirror, but 1 of them trips over. The other One duplicates herself, and those two Ones add together.

Numberling 1.svg+.PNGNumberling 1.svg=.PNGNumberling 2.svg

1 and 2 finally meet. 2 makes 2 tennis rackets, and together they play tennis normally.

Learning Objective

This episode's learning objective is to learn about addition.


  • One
  • Two (debut)


  • Two does not wear his shoes until the next episode.
  • This is the first episode without a song.
  • This is the first episode to introduce a new Numberblock with the episode not named after them. the second is The Wrong Number, and the third is Twenty-One and On.
  • Two is the biggest number in this episode.
  • Two's intro song was shared in this episode.
  • This episode and "One" originated from an old comic.
    • Two, who debuted in this episode, was originally completely yellow instead of orange with purple features, had no glasses, and his face was located in-between his 2 blocks before the design was revised into the Two we have today.
  • This episode and the Alphablocks episode "Sleep" aired on Halloween 2017.



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