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This is a list of alter-egos in the Learningblocks series.


Magic E

Magic E

Magic E is is the alter-ego of E wearing a top hat and black ninja clothes. Unlike Silent E, he can actually talk. His magic hat "can make a vowel make a different sound" without even touching them, particularly, make the Alphablocks "say their name". An example is: Tune.

Silent E

He is an alter-ago of E. He only appears in three Alphablocks episodes: Alphablocks, Bee, and Zzzzz. He has the same appearance as Magic E, with the lack of the top hat. As the name implies, he does not make any sound when he is part of a word, such as in the word sneeze.



Plusman only appears in Plusman. He is the alter-ego of X, but he is red and orange instead of blue and yellow. Also, his letter top has a plus sign instead of an X. He can put two words together to make a compound word.


Square Root Squads

The One One

The One One existed only in Square Club. The One One helped Square Club by clearing it of balls dropped by the Terrible Twos.

The Terrible Twos

The Terrible Twos

Two mischievous Twos who are divided from Four, and appear in the episode The Terrible Twos. Their mask colors are blue and purple. They love to tickle Numberblocks, who laugh (or possibly sneeze if it were a 9) and then get scared by the Twos. They get so scared they split into Ones. They are often split into when Four struggles to make a decision where he "can't do both", and they're the only square root squad who is not named "The (X) (X)s".

They make mischief in other ways as well, such as in Square Club when they pulled a rope and dropped a bunch of balls onto the floor, intentionally breaking the club's "no round things" rule. In later episodes, the two have seemingly become more drastic in the mayhem they make, going as far as to forcefully divide Numberblocks, and gaining the ability to become Octonaughty.

The Three Threes

The Three Threes

The Four Fours

Three Numberblocks Threes who are divided from Nine, and debut in the episode The Three Threes. They have three different mustaches and are acrobatic. One time they help One open a jar of honey by individually performing stunts. In Square Club, they also kept up the performer theme by juggling the balls that the Terrible Twos dropped. This didn't really help the situation, however. They also made cameos in Mirror, Mirror (does not show mustaches), Divide and Drive, and Crossover (all had the same mustache).

The Four Fours

Four Fours who are a result of Sixteen splitting in half into two Eights then into the Four Fours. They all have the same Barbershop hat with a green ribbon wrapped around it. They appeared in Square Club and, due to having the same fear of round things as other squares, couldn't help the situation the Terrible Twos caused. They also made a cameo in Divide and Drive.

The Five Fives

The Five Fives

Five Fives who were originally subtracted from 6-10, and are divided from Twenty-Five. They appear in Five and Friends. They appeared again in Hidden Talents when splitting from Twenty-Five.

The Six Sixes

The Six Sixes

The Six Sixes are divided from Thirty-Six. They appear in Puzzle Square, and essentially function as puzzle pieces to fill in the puzzles in that episode.

Secret Identities


Octoblock is the superhero name for Eight. There is a secret story that states he got his powers from being tickled by a radioactive octopus, although it appears he had his powers since he was first created. His catchphrase is 'Octoblock, (command)! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, (command)! He is almost always in this form, with an exception being in a part of Octoblock to the Rescue! and in some glitches, examples include (but not limited to), Nine (episode) and Fun Times One Times Table. See below his villain form, Octonaughty.


Octonaughty is the result of the Terrible Twos duplicating themselves and then combining. He is Octoblock's villain counterpart and his catchphrase is "Octonaughty, (command)! 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, (said command)!". Octonaughty has a higher voice than Octoblock.

He appears in Season 3 in Octoblock to the Rescue!, not reappearing again until Ten's Top Ten, and then Now in 3D. He is somewhat more crazy in Now in 3D, as shown when he flails his tentacles and laughs after disassembling Twenty-Seven. He's also shown to be somewhat incompetent, making the Dimension-ator to become a powerful cube... despite it being redundant, at least until it got broken. He was the main villain in the episode Crossover, where he stole the magic home mirror to trap all the superheroes in Numberland and allow himself to cause mischief uninterrupted in Alphaland. He was once again stopped by Twenty-Seven in the episode due to being unable to swap her with a letter of the alphabet, because there are only twenty-six letters.

Step Squads

Step Squads who are divided from the triangular Numberblocks, the first is Fifteen. Fifteen can be divided into One, Two, Three, Four and Five. (All the characters from Season 1.)

  • 15: 1+2+3+4+5

Then Fifteen tells the other triangular Numberblocks (1, 3, 6 and 10) that they can also make Step Squads.

  • 1: 1
  • 3: 1+2
  • 6: 1+2+3
  • 10: 1+2+3+4

The Step Squads can help other Numberblocks or other things and animals from accident.

All numbers of the form (where n is an integer) are step squads. (The first few are 1, 3, 6, 10, 15, 21, 28, 36, 45, 55, 66...)

  • 15,21, 28, 36, 45 and 55 are the Numberblocks who appeared in the show which have a permanent step mask. The smaller steps 1, 3, 6, 10 don't have one, as well as Three Hundred (300 is the 24th step).

Appear episode: Step Squads

The Terrible Twenties

The Terrible Twenties are Forty's version of The Terrible Twos. They appeared in Land of the Giants when Forty didn't know which way to go after Oblongy. They seem to be identical to the Terrible Twos in character.

Super Octoblock

Eighty's alter-ego. His catchphrase is 'Octoblocks assemble (splits into 10 Eights, reassembles, combines to make Eighty again)! (Transformed creature, command)!

Double Eleven Football Teams

The Double Eleven Football Teams are special forms of Eleven when Twenty-Two splits in half, as seen in Twenty-One and On and How Rectangly. One of them is red while the other is blue, representing the red team and blue team in football, and after that they can both split into eleven ones, who are also colored red and blue, respectively.

Double Thirteen

Double Thirteen

Double Thirteen are Twenty-Six’s alter egos. While they really are used to find hidden numbers in a Numberblock, they are more or less are like Thirteen in terms of personality, as shown in Club Picnic.

Super Cubes (Hero)

Captain Hexbeard

Captain Hexbeard is Twenty-One's alter-ego that appeared in The Treasure of Hexagon Island. She acts as a pirate captain and makes the Numberblocks work together to fix the Magic Mirror.

Four’s Evil Alter-Ego


Four’s alter ego evil clone, has an unknown name, and he possibly is made out of two of the Terrible Twos.


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