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"I don't think I've seen Alphablocks Series 4 before!"Four
This page is about the Alphablocks series. For the Numberblocks series, see Numberblocks Series 4.

This is the fourth series of Alphablocks.


* - No words made


Long Vowel Songs

  • Name (the phoneme /eɪ/)
  • Sleep (the phoneme /iː/)
  • Mine (the phoneme /aɪ/)
  • Home (the phoneme /oʊ/)
  • Blue (the phoneme /uː/)

Digraph Hard

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  • Unlike the previous three series which has 26 episodes each, this series has only 13, which is half the amount. This makes this series the shortest series of Alphablocks. It is unknown why Series 4 only has 13 episodes rather than 26.
  • Z never physically appears at all in this series. However, he was mentioned in Alphabet.