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"I don't think I've seen Alphablocks Series 2 before!"Four
This page is about the Alphablocks series. For the Numberblocks series, see Numberblocks Series 2.

The second series of Alphablocks.


  • Taps (letters A, P, S, and T)
  • In (short I and N)
  • Man (letter N)
  • Din (letter D)
  • Dog (short O and G)
  • Cat (short A)
  • Pen (short E)
  • Up (short U and _UP)
  • Red (letter R)
  • Hen (letter H)
  • Bop (letter B)
  • Fred (letter F)
  • Hill (LL, SS, and FF)
  • Van (letters J and V)
  • Zap (letters Y and Z)
  • Dot (letter O)
  • Lips (letter L and CVC words)
  • Web (letters W and X)
  • Box (_ED and 2 other words)
  • Quick (letter Q)
  • Kick (letters C and K)
  • Wig (_IG)
  • Rainbow (_OG)
  • On (letter sounds)
  • ABC (The Alphabet Song)
  • The Cat Sat on the Mat (_AT)

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  • This season of Alphablocks, as well as the third season, are both different from the first season.
    • The episodes are now two minutes longer than the ones in the first season.
  • Some topics from the previous season's episodes are repeated in this season.