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"I don't think I've seen Alphablocks Series 1 before!"Four
This page is about the Alphablocks series. For the Numberblocks series, see Numberblocks Series 1.

This is the first series of Alphablocks.


  • Alphablocks (letter sounds)
  • Bee (long and short E) - E sings about being a busy E.
  • Top (vowels) - When T is stuck on top of a mountain, it's up to the vowels to save him.
  • Why (Y as a vowel) - Y wants to be a vowel.
  • Key (letters C and K) - Siblings C and K have a challenge in a cage.
  • Glow (short vowels O, U, and long OW) - The Alphablocks have fun in the dark.
  • Sing - B, N, and D have a band, but they need a vowel as a singer.
  • Band (short vowels A and I, word family AB) - The Band has a battle of the bands; B and A play pop while N and D play metal.
  • Party (words ending in X) - The Alphablocks have a party, but it's not much.
  • Cha Cha Cha (digraphs CH, SH, and TH) - Digraphs CH, SH, and TH dance around Alphaland.
  • Race - The Alphablocks have a race and try to beat a speedy V.
  • Moon (long and short OO) - The Alphablocks fly to the moon.
  • Alphalympics - The Alpha Games takes place and 3 teams are competing.
  • Sail (digraph AI) - Digraph AI sets sail.
  • UFO (R-controlled vowels) - F, R, and the vowels see a UFO.
  • Fox (pangram) - The Alphablocks sing about a quick brown fox that jumps over a lazy dog.
  • Surprise (short A and AR) - Today is T's birthday, but he's trapped in a hole with R, A, and P.
  • Bus (short vowels O and U) - The Alphablocks take a bus ride.
  • Space (long vowels A and E) - The Alphablocks go to space.
  • Hide (long vowels E and I) - E and Magic E play hide and seek.
  • Quiet (digraph QU) - Q and U discover a little red noisy creature, which they call It.
  • Map (letter R) - The Alphablocks have a treasure hunt, but R doesn't think she's a pirate.
  • Jaybird (words beginning in JA_) - When J doesn't what she is, her friends help her.
  • Note (plural nouns) - E and O have fun playing music with musical notes.
  • Zzzzz (letter Z) - Z wants to march, but instead falls asleep and ends up in a dream.
  • Magic (Magic E) - Magic E sings about long-vowel words with a Magic E at the end.

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  • This is undeniably the most obscure Learningblocks season/series, probably due to it being the oldest.
    • Also, it could possibly be due to it getting overshadowed by the other three series, especially with Series 2 and 3 reteaching most of the topics Series 1 taught.
    • Another reasoning could possibly be because this series' episodes are incredibly short, being 3 minutes long, as opposed to all the other non-special Alphablocks episodes being 5 minutes long. Because these episodes are incredibly way too short to air individually, they would always air on Cbeebies in pairs (totalling to 6 minutes) until Series 2 aired. As of now, no episode from this series has ever aired on TV for several years.
  • As of now, only 19 of the 26 episodes of this season are available to watch in BBC iPlayer.
    • The other 7 episodes that are missing, are Bee, Key, Cha Cha Cha, Alphalympics, UFO, Quiet, and Zzzzz. It is unknown why these episodes aren't present.
    • The only way to watch these remaining episodes is to find them on YouTube and watch them there, though some of them are pretty bad in quality compared to the episodes on BBC iPlayer due to the fact that uploads of the episodes were up on YouTube since 2013.