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"I don't think I've seen Alphablocks Series 1 before!"Four
This page is about the Alphablocks series. For the Numberblocks series, see Numberblocks Series 1.

This is the first series of Alphablocks.


  • Alphablocks (letter sounds)
  • Bee (long and short E) - E sings about being a busy E.
  • Top (vowels) - When T is stuck on top of a mountain, it's up to the vowels to save him.
  • Why (Y as a vowel) - Y wants to be a vowel.
  • Key (letters C and K) - Siblings C and K have a challenge in a cage.
  • Glow (short vowels O, U, and long OW) - The Alphablocks have fun in the dark.
  • Sing - B, N, and D have a band, but they need a vowel as a singer.
  • Band (short vowels A and I, word family AB) - The Band has a battle of the bands; B and A play pop while N and D play metal.
  • Party (words ending in X) - The Alphablocks have a party, but it's not much.
  • Cha Cha Cha (digraphs CH, SH, and TH) - Digraphs CH, SH, and TH dance around Alphaland.
  • Race - The Alphablocks have a race and try to beat a speedy V.
  • Moon (long and short OO) - The Alphablocks fly to the moon.
  • Alphalympics - The Alpha Games takes place and 3 teams are competing.
  • Sail (digraph AI) - Digraph AI sets sail.
  • UFO (R-controlled vowels) - F, R, and the vowels see a UFO.
  • Fox (pangram) - The Alphablocks sing about a quick brown fox that jumps over a lazy dog.
  • Surprise (short A and AR) - Today is T's birthday, but he's trapped in a hole with R, A, and P.
  • Bus (short vowels O and U) - The Alphablocks take a bus ride.
  • Space (long vowels A and E) - The Alphablocks go to space.
  • Hide (long vowels E and I) - E and Magic E play hide and seek.
  • Quiet (digraph QU) - Q and U discover a little red noisy creature, which they call It.
  • Map (letter R) - The Alphablocks have a treasure hunt, but R doesn't think she's a pirate.
  • Jaybird (words beginning in JA_) - When J doesn't what she is, her friends help her.
  • Note (plural nouns) - E and O have fun playing music with musical notes.
  • Zzzzz (letter Z) - Z wants to march, but instead falls asleep and ends up in a dream.
  • Magic (Magic E) - Magic E sings about long-vowel words with a Magic E at the end.

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  • This is undeniably the most obscure Learningblocks season, probably due to it being the oldest.
  • As of now, only 18 of the 26 episodes of this season are available to watch in BBC iPlayer for some reason.
    • The other 8 episodes that are missing, are Bee, Key, Cha Cha Cha, Alphalympics, UFO, Quiet, Map, and Zzzzz.
    • The only way to watch these remaining episodes is to find them on YouTube and watch them there.