This episode is the first episode of the Alphablocks series. The letters from A to Z are sounded out.

In order, now!

  • A: First character, gets hit by a apple.
  • B: B rocks out on her guitar. At the end she slides.
  • C: C creates cracks. C also breaks the fourth wall, by cracking the screen.
  • D: Pretty much like B except drumming. Almost falls.
  • E: E is first seen as Silent E. After attempting to say his noise, he changes to E and says his sound in a megaphone. In some versions, Silent E don’t appear.
  • F: F blows. Yes, that's what she's doing.
  • G: G drinks water. Her grass hair grows.
  • H: H is shown running. H is tired and seen... doing something.
  • I: I looks in the mirror while playing her song. It's so loud it cracks her "hat".
  • J: J thinks attempts to fly. J soon says her noise loudly, repetitively.
  • K: K kicks his football. It's nowhere to be seen when he kicks it high, until he get hit by it.
  • L: L sings lullabies. She then falls asleep.
  • M: M eats a chunk of terrain.
  • N: N refuses to introduce himself. Until the screen transitions to O.
  • O: O breaks the fourth wall by looking at the screen. He observes it. And he runs somewhere.
  • P: P is nowhere to be seen until she pops out of nowhere. Again and again.
  • Q: Q attempts to say her noise. Doesn't work. Q brings U to help her say her sound.
  • R: R swings on a rope but falls off it, hurting himself.
  • S: S is shown inflated. She deflates, then reinflates.
  • T: T attempts to have tea. Doesn't have any.
  • U: U is shown, despite him being with Q. U runs away from Q.
  • V: V is vrooming 'round.
  • W: W trips. W cries, but waves hello to the viewer after crying.
  • X: X comes out from an X crater, and writes an X. He then flies away.
  • Y: Y is shown at the edge of a cliff, but he manages to get up.
  • Z: Z has a dream of himself. He wakes up. Soon the bubble pops and goes to the credits.


  • This is the only episode where we go to the credits.
  • This episode is similar to a Series 2 episode On, only this episode doesn't have words.
  • U is the only one to be seen before he says his sound.
  • Q's the first one to connect with an Alphablock, being U.
  • Even though it sounds awkward, O is the first one to actually say something other than his sound, though literally O could only say his sound.


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