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"I don't think I've seen Alphablocks (episode) before!"Four
This page is about the episode. For the characters, see Alphablocks (characters). For the show, see Alphablocks (show).

Alphablocks is the first episode of Season 1 of Alphablocks.


Meet the Alphablocks! From accident-prone A to sleepy Z, all twenty-six letters are full of fun and ready for adventure.


The Alphablocks introduce themselves one by one.

Letter Description
A First character, gets hit by an apple.
B B rocks out on her guitar before sliding.
C C creates cracks. C also breaks the fourth wall, by cracking the screen.
D Pretty much like B except drumming. Almost falls.
E First seen as Silent E. After attempting to say his noise, he changes to E and says his sound in a megaphone. In some versions, Silent E doesn't appear.
F Seen blowing around.
G Drinks water, then her grass hair grows.
H Shown running. H is tired and seen... doing something.
I Looks in the mirror while singing. It's so loud it cracks her "helmet".
J Thinks attempts to fly, then says her noise loudly, repetitively.
K Kicks his football. It's nowhere to be seen when he kicks it high, until he get hit by it.
L Sings lullabies. She then falls asleep.
M Eats a chunk of terrain.
N Refuses to introduce himself. Until the screen transitions to O.
O Breaks the fourth wall by looking at the screen. He observes it and runs somewhere.
P Is nowhere to be seen until she pops out of nowhere. Again and again.
Q Attempts to say her noise. Doesn't work. Q brings U to help her say her sound.
R Swings on a rope but falls off it.
S Is shown inflated. She deflates, then reinflates again.
T Attempts to have tea. Doesn't have any.
U Is shown, despite him being with Q. U runs away from Q.
V Is seen vrooming 'round.
W Trips and cries, but waves hello to the viewer after weeping.
X Comes out from an X crater, and writes an X. He then flies away.
Y Is shown at the edge of a cliff, but he manages to get up.
Z Has a dream of himself. He wakes up as soon as the bubble pops and goes to the credits.


  • This is the only episode with a transition to the credits. Most other episodes have the credits abruptly appear out of nowhere.
  • This episode is similar to a Series 2 episode On, only this episode doesn't have words.
  • U is the only one to be seen before he says his sound.
  • Q's the first one to connect with an Alphablock, being U.
  • Even though it sounds awkward, O is the first one to actually say something other than his sound, though literally O could only say his sound.
  • There's a scene in another version were Silent E becomes "un-silent".