Alphablocks originally had some stuff that got changed for the show.

First Character Designs


Z has gone through numerous changes.

  1. The first design for Z was a superhero, like X, but is pink with grey arms, pink hands, pink boots, a blue cape and a lightning bolt on his face.
  2. The second design was green like his current design, but is a lot younger and wears white and blue stripy pyjamas and brown slippers.
  3. The third design is the closest to his current design, but he is purple instead of green, and he has an orange robe.
  4. The fourth design is a ton close to his current design, but his beard is different.

Everybody Else

Z isn't the only one to change.

  • A - Same, but with no stripes.
  • B - Same, but she's white with a red star on her face. (Inspiration for Ten, I guess)
  • C - Half gold, half purple.
  • D - Dark blue-grey with a darker blue-grey star on his face, as well as cool shades.
  • E - Same, but with no stripes.
  • F - Wasn't going to wear a space suit and was going to wear a lavender-coloured cloth around her.
  • G - Was originally going to be half gold, half green, 2 colours beginning with G.
  • H - Resembles the current G, but is yellow with a daffodil on her.
  • I - Same, but with no stripes.
  • J - Teal-coloured with a trapezium-shaped body.
  • K - Gold with black glasses. (Inspiration for Two, I guess)
  • L - Same, but with no boots.
  • M - Same, but his legs and feet were grey instead of blue.
  • N - Purple with big round eyes, purple eyebrows and a very rude expression on his face.
  • O - Same, but with no stripes and unevenly sized eyes.
  • P - Grey with 2 pigtails with green bows on them. (Was going to represent going to the bathroom at 1 point.)
  • Q - Same as O, but with only 1 tooth and is seafoam.
  • R - Unchanged.
  • S - Purple with 2 small eyes and a huge mouth.
  • T - Unchanged.
  • U - Same, but with no hat, shoes or stripes.
  • V - Unchanged.
  • W - Unchanged.
  • X - Same, but with no mask.
  • Y - Purple with unusually fat legs and arms, and oval-shaped eyes.
  • Z - Same, but with a darker-coloured beard and eyebrows.

Overhauled Character Designs

  • G was originally going to have a flower on her head instead of grass hair.
  • K was originally going to literally look like C, but is male, and he is blu with pink stars on his ribbon.
  • N was originally blue.
  • P was originally light-blue.
  • Q originally had glasses instead of hair.
  • U originally had no hat.
  • X originally had no mask.
  • Y was originally going to be light blue.

Alternative Designs

  • D was originally tan-coloured with a darker tan star on his face. (Possibly changed for being too gross.)
  • N was a girl, was purple like her first design, looks close to her current male design and had similar pigtails to P's first design.


  • Due to V's first character design, it can be assumed that V was going to be a braggart daredevil.
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