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About Time is the sixth special episode of Learningblocks. This is the third Numberblocks special and the 123rd Numberblocks episode overall.


Tick, tock, a broken clock! Can One and Two learn to tell the time before time runs out?


This episode starts off with One and Two together on a hill. One tells Two to hurry up so they can catch the train and make it to the 2:00 talent contest. Two isn't in a rush like One is; he instead insists on enjoying the day. He's so happy and content, he sings an entire song about how he's enjoying being there.

Unfortunately, his song causes both of them to miss the train. Two, desperate to stop the train, pulls the train station clock's hands off, breaking it. They miss the train nonetheless, and One points out that, even if they could catch another one, they wouldn't know when it would leave with the clock broken. Two states that since he broke it, he should fix it, but neither of them know how a clock works. Counting the twelve numbers on the clock, they get Twelve's attention. Twelve helps them out, first by telling them that the "pointy things" Two pulled off are the hands of the clock. Twelve takes the little hand from One, introducing it as the hour hand. Putting it back on the clock, she sings a song about how the numbers on the clock correlate to the hour of the day. Time in-between hours is referred to as "a bit" during this song.

In the middle of the song, a second Twelve appears "as the day moves on towards night". When the song ends, they add up to Twenty-Four, who states there are 24 hours in a day. The second Twelve then leaves. Sixty appears to introduce One and Two to the "bits" in-between hours, that being the number of minutes. It's explained that the big hand counts the number of minutes of the hour. Sixty then sings a song about counting 60 minutes in fives, just like how a clock does.

Twelve and Sixty repeat to One and Two what the hands do, stating that reading the hour, then the minutes, tells the time. Now understanding what the hands of a clock read, and thus how a clock works, Two reads the time currently on the clock: 2:10 (Twelve adjusts this to the correct time). Sixty states that platform 2 has an express train leaving at 1:15, and Two rereads the current time, which is 1:14. Uh oh! One and Two have 1 minute to catch the train! Sixty begins a song that is exactly 1 minute long, rearranging her blocks as a rectangular "screen" around the episode and using them to tick off each second in a minute. One and Two, rushing to catch the express, realize a minute isn't very long at all.

One and Two make it to the train just in time, finally able to get to the talent contest right before it begins. One asks Two what they should sing, and he responds only with a knowing giggle. The brief song they sing combines all the songs and information about time that were in the episode. They are the clear winners of the contest, as Fifteen hands them a trophy.




  • When the three Fives are making Fifteen, Fifteen can be seen with gray eyes.
  • When the four Fives are making Twenty, Twenty can be seen with smaller eyes.