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About Time is the third of twelve special episodes of Numberblocks. This is the 123rd episode in the series overall.


Tick, tock, a broken clock! Can One and Two learn to tell the time before time runs out?





  • This is the "episode about time" described in this article, but the article made a mistake about it being 15 minutes long, it's actually 10 minutes long.
    • The article was not reliable anyway, since it also described Seventeen as an "eccentric one-off who makes all those crazy shapes" when that's actually Nineteen.
  • This is the 2nd episode to be released on a holiday in 2021, since it was released on Halloween. The first is Twoland, being released on St Patrick's Day.
  • This is the fifth episode that featured the Numberblocks Express. The previous four were The Numberblocks Express, What's the Difference?, Heist, and Figure It Out.
  • The episode has five songs.
  • All Numberlings from 1 ~ 60 appear in this episode.
    • All the Numberblocks who are multiples of five up to Sixty also appear in this episode.
  • Thirty-Five is now no longer considered a one-time character thanks to this episode.
  • Two and Five are the only prime numbers in the episode.
  • Not counting Ten and One, This is the fifth episode where a multiple of ten appears without any sign of their multiple of one counterpart apart from their name being mentioned.
  • This is Zero's first appearance in a special.