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A is a character in Alphablocks.

A is voiced by Lizzie Waterworth.


A is a green striped Alphablock with freckles on her cheeks and a band-aid on her left cheek.


She likes to sing and help the other vowels. She has a band-aid on her cheek and apples keep falling on her head. In "Prank" she discovered a red clown nose and played jokes on all of the other Alphablocks. Her best friends are B and C. She's really accident prone, shown that she can sneeze a distance and that things sometimes fall on her. And she can fall from nowhere.



  • She is the 1st out of 4 green characters.
  • Her letter means 10 in Hexadecimal.
  • She has a British accent in the UK an American accent in the US.
  • Her girls group are B, C, F, G, H, I, J, L, P, Q, R, and S.
  • She is very clumsy.
  • She has appeared in (ALMOST) every episode of Alphablocks.
  • A’s "long vowel" episode is Name.
  • A is allergic to cats, as shown in Cat.
  • A is representing the fact that A is for apple and alphabet according to the CBeebies Computer Game.


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