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100 Ways to Leave the Planet is the fifteenth episode of Season 8 of Numberblocks. This is the 120th episode in the series overall and the final episode of Season 8.


It's time for the biggest adventure of all – there's a whole universe to explore. Get ready to be a number explorer with everything you've learned from the Numberblocks.


The Numberblocks are planning to travel throughout space- a big adventure for them. Prepping up to launch at the brink of dawn, all Numberblocks ready themselves to travel. One states she'll miss One-Hundred, though One-Hundred reassures her that she's made of many Ones- and can form many Numbers thus. After a bit of some pep talk, Two soon notices the rising sun, and everyone launches off.

With that said, One goes to her invention; a Magic Mirror strapped onto a rocket chair. Flying into space, she remembers to create one last copy of herself to send back down to Numberland.


It's your turn.

The Numberblocks can't teach you everything.

It's up to you to teach yourself the whole world of numbers.



  • The final One on Numberland is supposed to represent the viewer. With all the tools you've been given, you can go out and explore.
  • According to the extended synopsis, this episode might be a sign that Numberblocks is coming to an end.
    • This may not be true, this may be only about Series 5.
    • There are currently no Six to Nine times tables, so another series might be needed to include them. Some viewers also say that they need to figure out the remaining compound Numberblocks, however two stand-alone special episodes are coming soon on the 28th and 29th of August.
  • This is the third episode with a unique credits scene. The first and second were The Wrong Number and One Thousand and One.
  • This episode possibly reveals where the One came from at the start of the series.
  • This is the last appearance of a compound Numberblock - One-Hundred-and-One.
  • Fifty-Five's rocket was built differently than in One Giant Step Squad.


49's border error

  • In the scene where the squares sneeze, the 49 that got sneezed out by 81 has same-colored borders around every block.



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